Ideas to have magnificent look for wedding couple

| January 17, 2017

On wedding day the dresses of both bride and groom must complement each other and now not only the fashion enthusiast but all wedding couple are looking concern about their dressing style to make them look appropriate according the function and according to the dress of the spouse. If bridal is wearing a traditional outfit as Lehenga and groom is dressed in western style dress it will look absurd. So be conscious about your dresses.

Before marriage there should be arranged a special meeting between bridal and groom to discuss in which kind of attire they will feel easy and comfortable and what they both wanted to have on their wedding day. With the mutual cooperation select dresses and go ahead. The factors to be conscious about are height and physic of both the couple. Here we have given some ideas for Pakistani brides and grooms how they can dress up on wedding;

Traditional dresses for couple:

1. Pakistani Bride And Groom Wedding dress (1)

These traditional dresses are perfect to wear on one day of wedding ceremony. Groom in off-white salwar kameez with vasket over it will look very nice and sober while bride in Lehenga and long shirt with long dupatta that is draped behind will look adorable. Both contemporary and traditional styles are fused in the designing of the dresses. The couple is looking commendable and the dresses are very complementary to their heights and physic.

Trendy dresses for the couple:

2. Pakistani Bride And Groom Wedding dress (2)

Peach color gives a very graceful look to women and as the cuts are very in these days so peach color with cuts will give you an outstanding look. Don this spectacular Lehenga on your wedding and have a magnificent look. And what about the dress of groom? He can wear a modern and stylish outfit of four piece in navy blue color to have regal look.  The couple is exuding aristocratic look with their royal-looking dresses. These dresses are brilliant for Walima function, the day to show the mutual compatibility. The bride can select the hairstyle of side braid fishtail and can adorn that with beads. Western style touch in the dresses is recommendable on Walima function.

Elegant look for wedding couple:

3. Pakistani Bride And Groom Wedding dress (9)

Many decent people desire to have elegant look on wedding function apart from being looking stylish or overwhelmed with heavy kind of dressing. For such people this way of dressing is suitable. The bridal can sport nude color Lehenga and long shirt with silver work all over it. Let the simple yet stylish jewelry do all the work for you. The groom will look very regal wearing Sherwani and salwar with khussa. Draping an elegant looking dupatta around arm and on shoulder will give a very refined look. Both will look sophisticated and well-mannered in these dresses.

Stylish look for the couple:

4. Pakistani Bride And Groom Wedding dress (5)

Have this ethereal look to swoon over on your wedding day. The bridal is looking awesome with long grey color maxi dress with long tail. With the outfit red Lehenga is making her appearance more appealing while the groom in pajama and black Sherwani having silk bnarsi fabricated sleeves is looking like prince wearing Kulla on head. To have a modish and stylish look consider this way of dressing. If the bridal is not willing to wear red color dress as it is a very usual color for brides then they can opt for this way of wearing a dark classy color dress and making it pair with red dupatta.


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