Wedding Card Ideas for Winter Collection

| October 20, 2016

Wedding invitation through cards is the most formal way to invite your guests on wedding. The guests feel honor as they received cards from you. It will be regarded as your first impression on others for your marriage. You need to be careful while selecting a card as it should look not only classy and nice-looking but also according the season. If you choose a card that depict the season in which the marriage is going to happen then your card would get a lot of praise from others. If it is winter make your card demonstrating the season cold and frosty atmosphere.

Colors of cards for winter;

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First of all the selection of color is important and in winter you can select dark colors as black, navy blue, brown etc. Beige and white color will also look nice. White color will reflect the snowy condition of the season. Two colors contrast will make your card look prettier and adorable. Try to choose such colors which could give complement to each other.

Different designing pattern;

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You can select one color as the base color and other for designing on it. Dark black color card with nude and mustard color round shape pattern on it is looking very attractive and superb. Black is the color that gel with all other colors. So having this idea in mind you can select different colors pattern for its embellishment.

Cards with accordance to festivals of winter;

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You can design your card according the upcoming festivals or event. As it is winter, Halloween and Christmas are the famous festivals of this season. To make your cards interesting you can select an image that depict the theme behind it. You can also take ideas from nature as trees can be imprinted on the card with snow falling on it. Other objects like mountains, lake and valleys can be beautifully designed on cards to give a glimpse of nature.

Handmade card ideas for winter season;

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If your budget does not allow you to purchase beautiful cards from some shop then you can also make cards at home. Although it will be time consuming but if the members of family and close friends, they all co operate then it will be not a very hard task. You can simply make cards by yourself and can embellish it with different rhinestones, pearls and beads. To wrap the card make an awesome envelope with the help of ribbon and net designs.

Readymade card selection;

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A beautiful cad is shown here. It is in off-white color with silver lining at the edges and written beautifully with silver writing. Over the card intrigue floral designing with hard chart is looking very elegant. Wrapped with ribbon the card is looking very sophisticated and refined.

Inscribe the detail of marriage carefully;

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The most important thing after the designing is to mention the time and place of marriage accurately without making any confusion for the guests. Highlight the names of bride and groom and invite your guests in the most honorable way. Your card is going to be the first impression of your marriage so you are not supposed to overlook its significance and show others the selection of your choice. Try to select some decent color with decent design as it looks appropriate for winter.

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