Classic Invitation Cards for Traditional Weddings

| August 9, 2014

Traditional Wedding Invitations:

Wedding is a very memorable event which comes at least once in a person’s life. Girls & boys, men & women, bridal & groom want to make this event an unforgettable event of their life. For this purpose, they try their best in order to select a perfect wedding theme, which also range into their budget plan. When we are talking about a planned wedding then how we can forge the matching wedding invitations. Wedding invitation is a very important wedding accessory. By using this item you can invite your valued guests, honored friends & family members into your wedding.

If you are going to arrange a traditional wedding ceremony then you have to choose a classic or traditional design of invitation card so that it can go perfect with your weeding theme. Some designs of traditional cards are shown below!

Black & White Wedding Invitation:

1 classic traditional wedding invitations

Look at this very first picture in which you can see a very gorgeously designed black & white color wedding invitation card. The theme of your wedding is black & white then this style is just ideal for you. A square shape crystal embellished frame is also used for making this card impressive. The writing style is also perfect.

Heart Wedding Invitation Card:

2 classic traditional wedding invitations (12)

Shop this white & golden color heart design wedding invitation. This is a clean, classical & nice design. Traditional invitations does not mean boring invitations instead of it we can say that these cards have their own charm & beauty. For making your invitation some more impressive you can use time honored elements & things such as timepieces, hearts shape antique style items, rings, ribbons etc.

Floral Invitation Card:

3 classic traditional wedding invitations (6)

This is a white color wedding invitation card with purple & pink color floral print. The usage of table card along with this invitation card is a very nice idea. This will help your guests in order to find a right table to sit & eat. The beautiful flower designing starts from the one corner of this card. The name of groom & bridal is also mentioned on the top of the envelope. This card is perfect for white weddings, purple weddings etc.

Bow Ribbon Wedding Invitation:

4 classic traditional wedding invitations (11)

When we are talking about wedding invitation cards, then it is very necessary to describe the important points that you must mention on the card such as name of groom & bridal, date, place & time of wedding. Now in this age of modernism it is also preferable for you to mention the wedding theme on this card because this info helps your guests to choose a dress according this theme. In to the above picture you can see an off-white color card closed with purple color silky ribbon. The date, time, place etc are mentioned with purple color wording.

Wedding Invitation Cards Pictures:

Today in this age of fashion & modernism, various designers & wedding planners are playing a vital role in order to make your wedding ceremony a very splendorous occasion. Wedding is one of the very important days of your life so never compromise on styles of invitations, colors, theme & printing. Have a look at the following picture gallery which is full of with the classic wedding invitations. I hope that you will like this article as well as the pictures. Many design options are shown below you can choose that you like most!

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