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| August 13, 2016

On the wedding there are so many things which are used for grooming the brides because  bride is such  a person which is embellished from everywhere  no part of their appearance is without any accessory they carry different things on their wedding  in the wedding the bouquet  hold is a  custom among the western brides because it is considered that  the bride will toss the bouquet and who will catch the bouquet the next  turn of wedding is her soon the wedding different style and  color bouquet  are made and these bouquet can be made at home and  the readymade is already available in the market  but in the bouquet  there are so many kinds  cascade, pomander ,round, nosegay ,composite ,posy and hand tie all are very nice and good for the wedding ceremony you can choose t according to your choice . If your wedding is here and you want to hold the bouquet on your wedding then stay with us and see the different bouquet which can give you a splendid look.

Shoking pink color bouquet:

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On the wedding you can hold the light and the dark both color flowers it look so nice and attractive pageant style bouquet is very nice in the shoking pink color rose with the green little flowers it givers your bouquet a complete   pink color roses are for those brides who like the romantic things and the inspire from the romantics   ideas so with the white gown it look so beautiful.

Stunning wedding bouquet:

2. Most popular wedding bouquet

Dark purple color with the pure white is good combination dark purple with the white color and the lavender with the green leaves is looking fabulous it is hand tied bouquet style when you walk on the aisle in the wedding with these flowers you look very beautiful dark purple color flower is looking like velvet flower and making your look more fresh and alive with this stunning bouquet.

Turquoise and black:

3. Most popular wedding bouquet

On the wedding day  brides like to carry the dress according to their wish they don’t like to carry with the  white traditional dress  with the white color dress  you can go with the turquoise color  flower it is very nice and give you  gorgeous look the rose  shape  turquoise  flower with the black petals is very nice choice because these colors are very  unique and  less   use in the wedding ceremony.

Simple and decent bouquet:

4. Most popular wedding bouquet

It is not compulsory that colorful and embroided things are used rather you can go with the light colors also you can make the   white roses made bouquet and the pearls are used in the center of the bouquet tiny and the large both are used with the ivory color and the pure white which is giving your bouquet a sophisticate look with the white gown the white combination is good.

Sunflower bouquet:

5. Most popular wedding bouquet

On the wedding not only colorful thing are used rather you can go with the   seasonal flowers also because these look so nice and in the spring season it enhance your appearance beauty  with the bold yellow color sun flower with the green  color and you can make it fancy with the  colorful ribbons and the different fancy beads it is nice style you can make it at your home.

Tulip flower bouquet:

6. Most popular wedding bouquet

tulip is very beautiful flower and it is used on many events and it is so soft and delicate there is not two or three colors in tulip rather so many colors are   available in the tulip flower you can use it tulip bouquet is made in the hand tied and the posy style with your dress you can match and the colorful flowers are also nice for the wedding.

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