Wedding Crystal Shoes ideas by Swarovski

| November 16, 2016

Swarovski is an industry in Australia that produces jewelry and couture, home décor, chandeliers and loose crystal elements. Shoes made of crystal for bridals are very famous and here we have a collection of these crystal shoes. The collection has a variety of different shoes including pointed shoes, peep toe, boots, strap heel shoes, coat shoes and front strap shoes. These shoes are decorated with different sized crystals in different shapes. These can be easily made in homes with a small number of accessories. If a bridal wants to make her wedding shoes by her own she can do this with a small effort. What kind of different ideas Swarovski is given let us see here.

Shoes designed with lace and small crystal;

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Peep toe shoes look very classy and magnificently beautiful with mermaid and fish gown. These shoes are decorated with lace that is embellished with small sized crystal. On white color shoes grey color lace with white rhinestone is looking very attractive that is attached on the front part and at one side of the shoes. High heel is embellished with crystals and the same crystals are also attached at the front side of the shoes.

Pointed strap heel shoes;

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These pointed strap heel shoes will go with all kinds of dress but especially with gown. Front side of the shoes is fully decorated with crystals that are attached with sequences. You can make simple looking shoes shiny and attractive with small sized crystals of silver color. Furthermore clip of the shoes are also decorated with crystals and that small addition is making the shoes more appealing and eye-catching.

Slip on pointed pumps;

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If someone does not feel comfortable with heels then she can opt for these pumps. They will not let the grace of your shoes diminish. These shoes are in golden color. If your dress is demanding a golden color shoes then these are best for you to wear. Golden color lace on the front side of the shoes is adorned with crystals. The edges of the shoes are decorated with golden lace with one rhinestone at equal distance. The backside is also designed with golden lace. These pumps are looking a magnificent thing to wear on weddings.

High heel shoes with rubies and crystals;

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When you are wearing a fancy dress with red and silver work on it, remind yourself about these shoes. These shoes are looking very chic, fashionable and classy. Rubies and large size crystals on shoes are giving them an expensive look. Rubies of different shapes are attached at the sides of the shoes and heel is made of crystal material.

Front strap shoes;

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Basically these shoes are for young girls as they will look cute and sweet wearing front strap shoes. And if they desire to wear crystal shoes then the idea for them is here. Adorn the side of the shoes with simple but designed lace and at the front part paste small sized crystal in large quantity. Especially with white frocks these shoes will look exceptional.

Flat boots with rhinestone;

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These boots are for those bridals who think that she will not feel easy with heels all the day long. These boots will keep you comfortable and relaxed. The selection of shoes should be according the outfit so take care while selecting shoes as they are going to give complement to your dress. For this purpose make the right choice that the shoes add glamour and charm to your appearance. The boots shown here are fully decorated with rhinestone and frill on the front side is attached in bow style that is making the shoes look stylish and classy.

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