Trend of Writing Date and Name on Bottom of Wedding Shoes for Brides

| February 15, 2016

Well theme weddings are liked by everyone and most of the couples want to have theme based weddings. Even the dressing of couple and their bride maids with groom men are also according to the theme but when it comes to footwear brides have embellished one surely and think for a while, what brides can do to make their wedding shoes unique. Now the trend of writing name and date on the bottom of shoes is very in, and most of the brides and even grooms are also interesting in having this fun trend. In our recent post I wrote about the stickers and decals on bottom of shoes but one more way to have adorable shoes is to design name and date. It’s a Turkish tradition that bride and her female friends write on the bottom of their shoes and after wedding day all shoes are observed of whom has completely rubbed of, that girl is expected the next bride. It means first it became tradition and now this has become a trend.
It’s easy to write on the bottom of shoes with any color marker but now to facilitate brides date and name stickers are also available while you can also take service of any professional painter to write with beautiful font so it can keep save in your closet as an excellent memory of the special day. For further ideas, scroll down your screen for more styles and designs of shoes bottom writing.

Shoes writing for perfect photo shot:

1 name and date of bottom on wedding shoes

Now the photo shot with different styles and pose have become famous to save the memories in the eyes of picture, one more unique style photography of your wedding day is to make the shoes prominent with writing you can see in the pictures. For this purpose groom can also take part in lifting up his bride and bride can show her shoes, this would be amazing and with having fun.

White color date and name written on sole:

2 name and date of bottom on wedding shoes

Ask to any professional painter to write your name and date on the sole of shoes in bold font using white paint color or you can use white marker too, to design on your wedding shoes. This would be pretty to write with white color to match with your white wedding dress.

Name and date with hearts:

3 name and date of bottom on wedding shoes

Memorial Day will become more remarkable wearing such shoes that have date and name writing on bottom of shoes for brides. I would like to recommend you the hearts design too on bridal shoes that will show the love symbols of hearts.

Date and name with quotes:

4 name and date of bottom on wedding shoes

Another way to deal with bottom writing is to show your feelings writing different love or sentimental quotes along with the name and date on one shoe bottom. This is your personal preference whether you want to write it personally with any marker or give it to any artist to ask for any beautiful quote.

Black color writing on shoes bottom:

5 name and date of bottom on wedding shoes

In the above pictures we have given you idea of writing with white color but another choice is going with black color writing date and name on embellished bridal foot wear but make sure it must be in high long heels so that walking down the aisle it could prominent and a fun thing for guests starring at you with smile.

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