Different Styles of red Shoes for Brides

| December 8, 2016

Red color always exudes passion and excitement and red color dress make its possessor look lovely and eye-catching. Shoes can be regarded as the first and the last thing that add glamour and elegance to the outfit. If you wear red color shoes with red color dress then both will complement each other and help to make the owner startling and dazzling.  Red color shoes make outstanding pair with blue, white and black dresses and add more glamour to your demeanor. This is the reason bridals mostly choose red color for their shoes and dress.

And the hype of red color seems to be never come to an end. Different style of heels and designs are found in red color shoes and women are liable to select any sandal that suits to their outfit. The selection of heels from a variety of styles like peep toe platform heel, charm high heel sandals, stiletto heel pumps, square toe heels, chunky heels and ankle strap heel shoes depend upon the height of the bridal and mood as well because she have to keep those heels all the daylong and should feel comfortable in them. Here is a catalogue of different stylish red color sandals is given that you can go with on your wedding.

Peep toe strap heel shoes;

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Strappy shoes are actually for young girls for they will look very cute if they are wearing red frocks or slit gown. Chunky heel of the shoes are good for those who have just started wearing heels because these heels do not demand a great technique to walk in them as those of pencil heels. Red color nail pain on foots will look very glamorous when they will be seen from peep toe style shoes. If you want to choose such shoes which can show your stylish nail art on foot then peep toe style is best for you.

Red pumps;

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Red pumps are for those brides who are not used to wear heels then these stylish pumps will help to maintain glamour and grace of your dress. These pumps can be worn with every kind of dress. Girls who are heighted and do not want to have more elongated effect they can opt these pumps to stay relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand brides who are going to wear high heel they must keep these pumps ready for them because they can replace high heels when they feel tired wearing them.

Stillottes heel shoes;

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Try these stillottes heel shoes for wedding for these look beautiful and magnificent. White color dress will go perfect with these off-white peep toe shoes and the addition of red flower on the sides of the shoes is giving lovely and regal look. Heel of the shoes is embellished with red and white colored sequins. White maxi, gown, side slit gown and A-line long dress must consider these stylish wearing and be like a princess from head to toe. It is very trendy in western to write something under the shoes as it is shown in the picture. You can write the alphabet of any name you want to write under the shoes with sequins.

Pointed shoes with pencil heels;

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In west bridals mostly wear white color dresses and if they wore red color sandals then the contrasted colors and outfit and shoes both will prove very complementing to each other. With ruffle gown try these pointed sandals with pencil heel shoes and make you look style-statement. A very beautiful sandal is shown in the picture and bow style behind the sandal is making it more nice-looking and attractive.


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