5 Wedding Shoes Mistakes That are Banned for Bride

| August 8, 2016

0. Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

Every bridal hopes for not having any blunder on wedding day regarding dressing, shoes and other accessories style but even then there are chances to repeat the very mistakes by brides. Wedding dress anyways looks pretty whether in any style but shoes are the one to which your direct link is on wedding day as they make you stand among a big crowd of wedding. What if, when your wedding footwear becomes an itchy thing you had ever experienced for; surely it will kill you on your special day. That is why we have managed a guide to save you from all the wedding shoes issues, so be a sane bride when opting for your well matched shoes for wedding.

We are going to explain the top 5 mistakes that every bride does but to avoid them, this guide will really work for your stress-free wedding day. After all, no bride will want to destroy her day with itchiness and the bad impressions.
To have the best dance session of wedding, you have to think much about shoes and for this purpose keep reading this article can be an advantageous thing for up going brides of this season.
So let’s try to code the most dangerous mistakes of wedding shoes that every bride must avoid to keep the day wondrous and blessed.

Not having spare shoes for wedding:

1. Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

Well high heels are the style statement of most of the brides and surely it always gear up the look with flawless impressions but it is sometime so painful to try it to all the function of wedding ahead. And when you reach towards the dance session, your feet are killing you more. To avoid the situation always keep the comfortable spare pair of shoes for wedding to wear it when you have to move around or for dance. And for photo shot the high fancy heels are no doubt a glam for brides.



2. Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

You are well dressed on wedding day, everything is sophisticatedly planned to be exquisite but here is the big no for cheap wedding shoes. Why? Because cheap shoes don’t give the best looks to a girl and even destroy the grace of a chic dress. Similarly brides must opt for the shoes with class, after all the branded and exquisite quality shoes will be in memory for years. Besides this, the high quality shoes give you the ultimate comfy level.

Substitute of high heel:

3. Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

High heel bridal footwear are sexy and even the high class choice to make a bride lady of class but where are the brides who can’t make a go with high heels and are not used to with charm of heels. Don’t fret, the wedges heels are a deluxe pair of shoes that can be substituted with high heels. Wedges are comfy and more than comfy blessing you the balanced walk and easy moves. Be yourself, don’t underestimate yourself and look for own comfort.

Not used to fit in shoes:

4. Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

Most of the bride do wrong with themselves by not trying or having a smooth walk before a day. Check anyway the fittings, size and everything which will probably going to make your appearance on wedding day. Always get used to the pair of shoes you have opted for and match with the gown, for this purpose wear the footwear and have walked in it before a day. You can do this to your room even 10-20 times so that every problem may cure out before wedding.

Same shoes of bride and bride maids:

5. Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

Ok! Its lovely to have a themed dresses and shoes of your bride maids but it’s not lovely at all when you have the same style and color footwear matched with your bride maids. I mean it’s your day, so you must be unique and different so don’t mix up the pallets of wedding appearance with anyone. Be yourself and have a wonderful choice to look more beautiful.

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