Most Popular Suit Colors for Grooms Men To Wear All Around The Year

| March 24, 2017

Brides are very conscious about their overall look including bridal dress, jewelry, shoes and other accessories because they want to look as gorgeous and beautiful as they never look. But when comes to the grooms, they are not out of this fashion race, they also want to look handsome and stylish on their big day.

For those who want to wear a suit on their big day are not enough options and choices so while choosing a suit color one should keep her complexion in mind because each color does not suit on all skin types. A wrong choice can be a disaster because it destroys your overall look and definitely make you the center of attention but in bad words.

If you planned to tie the knot soon and you are looking for a perfect custom suit or tuxedo for your special day, you must read this article and stick to the instructions and ideas.

Be careful while choosing your suit color for your wedding day because some suit colors are simply more useful and versatile as compared to others. We are going to tell you about some common and versatile suit colors so a man can choose easily for his wedding.


Black suit never goes out of fashion and looks classic, it is flattering and looks good on just about all times and seasons of the year. It is most commonly used for evening functions and for business affairs throughout the year. But it is not the right choice for summer day function or event so avoid wearing black suit during the hot day. Wear a classic black suit with a bow tie on your wedding day and walk down the aisle with your bride to make a long lasting impression on the crowd.


Brown is also such a nice color and looks versatile in groom clothing as suits, brown suit is the most underrated and understated of the mainstream suit colors. A brown suit equally looks good for formal events as well as the wedding ceremony. It looks great when combined with white or blue color plain shirt and striped tie, it is a popular color for casual events as well as for wedding so brown suit should be in your top five.

Navy Blue:

Navy blue suit is simple, timelessly smart and elegant color; it can make a young man look even younger. Navy blue suit is ideal for the man who wants to fit in and wants to be recognized for the effort that he put in. you can dress your navy blue suit up or down according to the event, team it with black shoes for office look and brogues for a more casual appearance.

Charcoal Grey:

The near-black charcoal grey suit is just about as versatile as navy blue but grey tends to be slightly more formal than navy. If a man need to own a suit, charcoal grey color is likely to be the best choice because this color is extremely easy to match. When it comes to formality this is adequate for work, church and wedding also so select charcoal grey color suit for your wedding.


When it comes to pinstripe suit, you must know that it is not exactly a single color, pinstripe suit come in a wide range of colors though works best in blue shades, medium to light grey and brown. A pinstripe suit is a welcome addition to set of five. It can make a bold statement and can work for almost any guy and can give a smart savvy look for him who wants to stand out from the crowd.

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