Designer Indian Groom Stylish Kameez Shalwar 2017

| September 6, 2017

India is all about tradition and culture. No matter what you wear or what style you carry on casual days but when there comes any occasion, every person switch toward traditional themed dresses. There is also traditional dressing style for men and women for wedding ceremony. Women wear lehenga dresses of saree on wedding day while men wears Kameez Shalwar or dhoti Kameez sometimes to brighten up traditional effect on wedding day.

We have drafted out couple of designs and styles in Kameez Shalwar for Indian groom which are based upon highly visualized and epic traditional design with involvement of sleek modernized facts and figures.

Visual aids:
Gold embroidered blue kameez with white Shalwar:

Here is our first segment. Inside this image, you can see a pretty simple clothing segment in which Kameez and Shalwar is involved. This segment displays out beautiful gold embroidery on neck area of Kameez and also on cuffs.

Gracious Indian style wedding Kameez Shalwar for boys:

Under this segment, you can see two beautiful and epic designs in simple version of styling for grooms. This segment satisfies all traditional trends with involvement of grace in it.

Gold printed Kameez with white Shalwar for groom:

You can see how distinguishable and remarkable this whole look appears. It involves light embroidered and printed Kameez with plain white Shalwar.

Indian groom kameez Shalwar style:

This segment involves thick shades on kameez like which involves more golden shade in it with black highlights. Again white Shalwar is involved in it in Patiala style.

Beautiful dark color Kameez Shalwar for men:

This segment is just amazing which involves dark brown silk based Shalwar along with maroon printed shirt. This whole look complements Indian skin tone and looks perfect on model as well. Here are some other gracious designs in kameez Shalwar for men regarding wedding ceremony.

Different style blue and white kameez Shalwar for groom:

Beautiful printed long kameez with white Shalwar for groom:

Gold and blue Indian groom kameez shalwar style:

Light shaded Indian style kameez Shalwar design for groom:

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