Stylish Wedding Bridal Jewelry 2016

| August 9, 2016

The followers of every religion have their own customs and traditions about wedding. And the bride of every religion selects her dress and jewelry according to her tradition. In Asian countries like Pakistan and India brides like to wear heavy jewelry set with their heavy dresses. But in west brides usually wear a white gown. They wear light jewelry to prominent her gown. Usually they wear white jewelry.

Necklace is made by white pearls look delicate and light weight. A bride wearing it will make a graceful look.  Like Asian brides, western brides are also like to wear mang pati. This mang pati is full of stones look beautiful.

These earrings are full of stones and a single pearl will definitely make a bride so nice. A mang pati also looks nice with a simple braid. Rings are an essential element in western weddings. It is the tradition of west that bride and groom transfer rings to each other in wedding ceremony.  Their wedding is considered incomplete without a ring.

Some western brides like to wear a crown. Wearing a crown is a different thing from Asians. A crown enhances the grace of the bride. So this delicate set is designed for those who like to wear gold with pearls. This delicate diamond necklace will highlight the beauty of the bride.

A metal crown that is decorated with some little flowers is looking good. A bride wearing this jewelry will be the centre of the ceremony. This bounded hair style is decorated with a tiara that is very charming. Flower shape earrings and a beautiful necklace will attract the people to the bride.

A full stoned necklace will compliment on your wedding. A round shape necklace which is made by pearls will look good with your dress. A crown has made your hair style beautiful. By wearing a crown you will be looking like a princess.
The bride wearing a stoned necklace, earrings and a fancy comb which is placed on her sided bun is looking good. This set is designed for those who like big earrings. This pearl necklace looks different from others. You will make your gown prominent by wearing it.

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