Gorgeous Nose Pin Ideas For Brides

| March 30, 2017

Wedding seasons are going on and on because the spring season is best for  the wedding because in this season  not too much cool and not too hot  spring is very moderate season  in this season you can wear all type of dresses  and anything .

Here we are talking about the brides that are center of attraction in all the weddings  because they are adorned with fill multi  and fancy things  because it is the wish of every bride that she look like a princess  or a fairy on her wedding the dress should be according to the time and trend .

the dress of the bride should be according to the new style and with dress match your jewelry in the previous age the brides wear the gold jewelry but now the trend is going to change  now  colorful and matching nose pins are inn .

the brides are wearing it in their nose although this trend is old but now this trend is repeat again in the wedding function not only brides rather all the other guest girl are wearing the nose pin for the gorgeous look it gives you very traditional look  and these are in different style  so if you are going to become a  bride then stay with us and see the different style.

Golden color stone embellished:

1. Most Beautiful nose pin for bridals

Golden color is the special color for bride which is selected with the red so the golden shaded  nose pin is looking nice  the jewelry of the bride is very heavy the full size stones are used in the jewelry  with kundan style  the big size stones are used in the jewelry with this  jewelry use very light nose pin  very tiny nose ring with the little stones are looking gorgeous  it is good for small face girls.

Golden color bangle style pin:

2. Most Beautiful nose pin for bridals

The brides who  are wearing the  red color dress on their wedding they can also go with the antique style jewelry because in the red  golden color is  must use so the  antique style jewelry  hanging earrings and the Maatha   Patti  if Maatha  Patti is something then use the big  nose pin because with light heavy and dark look nice the nose pin is in the sleek stones   colorful stone are also used in the nose pin,

Kundan with dropping beads:

3. Most Beautiful nose pin for bridals

In the jewelry of the brides different styles are used the girls   the bridal shirt is totally simple but the multi layered  kundan dropping stone necklace I looking awesome  jhumka, bracelet , bangles , mang tikka and the nose rings all the things are made with the kundan  that it looking so elegant and attractive the nose ring is in the  very short  size because if the bride face is very short then use the little  and for big faces very small  and sleek will go.

Stone beads and the Swarovski:

4. Most Beautiful nose pin for bridals

The trend of full jewelry id very trendy  the stone in white color are looking fascinating  with the colorful  stone and the dropping pearls on the under of the jewelry  nose pin is very sleek but  with the sleek nose pin  you can wear the fancy full heavy jewel on your wedding it will give you royal like look means princess like look  can be attain from the nose pin and this style jewelry  is for those who want to getting married according to the  royal and emperor inspired wedding.

Wire made nose pin style:

5. Most Beautiful nose pin for bridals

Nose pins not only use on the brat functions rather it is carried on the Walima  also  with your fancy dress use the stones and the  ruby embedded necklace with mang tikka and the and the nose ring wire made nose ring is best for those girls who have very young age  the wire nose pin is full of beads and the stones you can wear it for the mode look and you look stylish and  trendy in this jewelry  the young brides and the other girls can also wear it in medium  size.

New style trendy nose pin:

6. Most Beautiful nose pin for bridals

Golden shaded nose pin that is in the moon style the design is made  in the bangles style nose pins and the double layered chain in golden color with sequence embellished one chain is only in white color beads and the other is very colorful  the almond style   crystal embellished  with multi layer hooks on the earring with the  red color ruby this style is very new because with the nose pin the earring is also good for the rich and modern brides.



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