Collection of Gold Payel Designs for Girls

| March 11, 2015

Jewelry is wears by the every lady of the world. The payel is a traditional jewelry and the women of the Pakistan, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh and U.K are wears the payel with craze. The girl kid, teen age girl, middle age girl and the old lady are also wears the payel on the wedding function, on a reception function, on a festival, on a formal function and also on a casual function.

The wedding bride is also wears the payel on her wedding day. The mostly husbands are like to give the payel to his wife as a gift. Here we have the collection of the gold payel in different designs for the girls. In this collection, the payel are made in the antique jewelry and in the Indian jewelry in different designs like the Indian payel with pearls,

anklet jewelry payel, chain style payel, heavy jewelry payel with beads and crystal pearls, simple kundan payel and payel with the feet ring which is called the Bichiya. These payal are made with the gold, silver, platinum metal and with pure copper. These are looking very cute and stunning to wears.

Anklet Jewelry Payal For Girls 2015

beautiful gold payal design for beautiful girls

Gold Anklets Jewellery Payal for girls

Gold Payal Jewellery Designs for women

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