Bridal Head Jewelry That Can Make You Alluring

| September 20, 2017

Bridals of eastern countries are always found loaded with heavy jewelry and ornaments. They remain very conscious about their dresses and jewelry what will suit the most. Here we have collected some awesome headpieces for brides that will make your look stunning and striking.

These headpieces are looking enthralling with their beautiful look and these are making the bride look more traditional. Although style of wearing Jhoomer is fashion retro but even then it can give the brides regal and royal look.

Who can say that a gone fashion could not make a comeback. Here the Jhoomer fashion is on its peak and it is very interesting for the brides to wear such jewelry that had been worn by their mothers or grandmothers. The other head pieces that are going fashionable include mathapatti, Maang tikka and side Matha Patti etc.

With the Kundan style designing these head pieces will give them gorgeous and fabulous look. Let us see different designs of headpieces here:

One sided Matha Patti:

This one sided Matha Patti is looking incredible with its awesome look. Made of golden and silver color work this Matha Patti will give you startling and sizzling look to inspire others. With beautiful golden chocker made of gold and silver color stones wearing small mang tikka you can compliment your whole look with this style of side Matha Patti. Making side parted hairstyle with curly hairs you can have incredible look with this side Matha Patti.

Kundan Maang tikka with round shape:

Have marvelous look on your wedding wearing this Kundan Maang tikka with all the Kundan style jewelry. This maang tikka will give you startling and stunning look to mesmerize others. Comb over hairstyle with Maang tikka will look incredible. You can wear nose pin, large necklace and round shape ring all in Kundan style to have exquisitely awesome look.

Maang tikka with multiple layers:

Golden small size Maang tikka with multiple one side layers will also look fabulous and fantastic. Choker, earring and nose pin are looking very chic and beautiful with Maang tikka. For engagement bride side Matha Patti with layers will look very lovely and superb. Side puff hairstyle is making the bride look gorgeous and dazzling.

Kundan and pearl embellished Jhoomer:

Jhoomer really increase the beauty and charm of a bride. With making a nice looking hairstyle you can wear a side Jhoomer to make your look stylish and gorgeous. Wearing this beautiful side Jhoomer you can also have celebrity like gorgeous look. Choker, earrings and nose pin all with side Jhoomer are looking commendable.


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