Breath-Taking Collection OF Heavy Style Jewelry For Brides

| November 20, 2017

Wedding dress is the most important thing for the brides and jewelry is considered the second most important factor for the brides. Generally brides wear lightweight and delicate jewelry with their wedding attires. But there are some brides who want to adorn themselves and their naked body parts with heavy jewelry.

We have compiled here some beautiful designs of different kinds of heavy jewelry including heavy hand ornaments, shoulder jewelry for bared shoulders, heavy backdrop necklace for backless dresses, heavy tiara, necklace, leg jewelry and heavy barefoot sandals. Let’s talk about some heavy style ornaments for brides.

Heavy shoulder jewelry:

Shoulder jewelry or shoulder necklace goes best with off the shoulder attires. If you are wearing simple white gown having off the shoulder neckline then you must go with shoulder necklace to compliment your naked shoulders.

Heavy & stunning barefoot sandals:

Barefoot sandals and feet jewelry are perfect for brides of seaside wedding ceremony. Mostly beach brides wear feet jewelry to make their feet look more beautiful. By wearing this heavy style of feet jewelry a beach bride can make her look feet look breathtaking and commendable.

Heavy backdrop necklace:

If you are wearing backless dress on your wedding day then heavy style backdrop necklace must be appropriate. Choose this layered and heavy style backdrop necklace too complement your dress as a whole and to finish off your enthralling bridal look.

Leg chain jewelry:

During the hot scorching season weddings, mostly brides prefer wearing short or mini dresses to stay cool and feel comfy. The can adorn their beautiful bared legs with stunning leg chain jewelry.

Stunning heavy arm jewelry:

Brides can make their style stamen by pairing their sleeves dress with heavy style arm jewelry. This style of heavy arm jewelry will go best with quite simple dress and this arm jewelry will add more charm to your bridal appearance.




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