Flawless Ideas To Adorn Your Wedding Hairstyles With Gajra

| May 11, 2018

Floral gajra plays a significant role in Indian weddings; actually it has become the vital part of bridal look. The look of Indian brides remains incomplete without a gajra; it not only gives a bride amazingly super stylish look but also refreshes a bride’s mind with sweet fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers. Today we are going to draw your attention towards this fabulous hair accessory and giving you hairstyling ideas with gajra. Some of the most beautiful and fascinating hairstyles with gajra are shown below.

Heavy gajra with braid hairstyle:

South Indian brides having long hair love to go with traditional simple braid hairstyle so to complement the entire bridal look. They cover their braid with heavy fresh jasmine flowers gajra and along with; they tie a jasmine flowers gajra up on the crown of the head. This is one of the easiest and adorable ways to adorn your braid.

Swiss roll bun hairstyle with gajra:

Wrapping gajra around bun is one of the simplest and cute styles and this style allows you to flaunt your updo and swiss roll bun hairstyle as well adds a dash of tradition. This gajra hairstyle shown in the picture will work best for middle age beauty with her saree dress. She can go with artificial silk flowers gajra and fresh flowers gajra as her gajra will give you gorgeous sophisticated look while maintain her somber graceful look.

Wow-worthy use of gajra with updo:

While using gajra with hairstyle you must keep the event in mind, for attending the wedding function of your siblings you must be little bit creative with your hairstyle and use of gajra. Opting for this braided bun or updo hairstyle you will be the center of attention. By wrapping fresh flowers gajra on the bottom of your hairstyle you can have all eyes on you in party or function.



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