Make Your Dance Floor Inviting Place For Wedding Guests

| July 11, 2018

Dear readers! We have talked about in our previous posts about wedding attires, footwear, makeup, wedding cake and decoration etc but we have never talked about the dance floor. Today we picked the dance floor to talk as it is one of the most important places in wedding.

Like other places it must be astonishing that could make people drop their jaws. Here we are giving you fabulous ideas and by following these unique ideas you can make your first dance with your partner unforgettable.

Illuminated dance floor for reception:

If you are seeking inspiration for your wedding dance floor, get inspired to impress your guests with a notable dance floor; this illuminated dance floor is bound to stay on your guests’ minds long after the last song has been played. Illuminated floor is modern and elegant and lightening will surely give your dance floor a magical touch.

Classic chessboard patterned dance floor:

When it comes to wedding decoration it is important to make your dance floor area look fun, inviting and the reflection of your wedding theme. If your wedding theme is black & white then you must go with this classic chessboard dance floor, it will encourage your guests to get up and throw some moves.

Statement-making monogrammed dance floor:

If you are dreaming of a simple yet stylish and statement-making dance or something a little elaborate more floors for your reception. Personalized vinyl decals or wording can transform any space into a dance party. They are an ultra stylish choice for your dance floor, you can choose colors match to your wedding style and words that sum up your relationship.

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