Trendy, Fashionable & Youthful Henna Designs For Engagement Brides

| September 19, 2017

Like the wedding day engagement is also the most important day of life for both girls and guys. Engagement bride wants to make her look gorgeous and beautiful so she chooses the appropriate dress according to the event, time and weather also.

in Asian countries bride whether she is wedding bride or engagement adorns her hand with intricate designs of henna.

The look of a bride considered incomplete without the application of henna so a day before the engagement, her friends or cousins gathers at the home of the bride and applies attractive designs on her hands.

Mehndi designs are selected according to the event and like the wedding bride; the designs of henna for engagement bride are not complicated and not filled the entire hands.

Some light designs are applied to compliment the beauty of engagement ring, stay with us because we have brought some beautiful henna designs for engagement bride. Choose a splendid mehndi design for the palm of your hand; this design is looking sp beautiful that goes till the wrist.

Beautiful design is made on the hand that is not too heavy or complicated and just the index finger is covered with the design, and the tips of all remaining fingers are beautified with a simple design.

If you love to adorn your hands with henna designed that could fully cover your hands, look at this picture. This design is perfect for you; apply this mesmerizing design on your full hands and your both hands will appear as very sophisticated gazes.

This full hand mehndi design is quite hard to draw but it is definitely attention-grabbing. There are some girls who don’t want to do much with henna so this design is good for them. This design will go light on the palms, the hollow circle patterns and leaves around the each circle are not difficult to make.

By applying this design a bride will leave empty space on her hands. For the engagement ceremony, you don’t need to fill up your entire hand with mehndi, leave your ring finger empty for the engagement ring.

There are many henna designs across the hands but the ring finger has been cleverly left free so that your engagement ring can be perfectly highlighted. Have an impressive glance at this design and we are sure that it will inspire you a lot.

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