Top 10 Fashion Mistakes that should be evade by the Girls

| November 25, 2014

Fashion Mistakes that Girls Should Never Make:

When it comes to fashion, then girls become very much excited but in their excitement they can make lots of fashion mistakes. These fashion errors make a very bad impression of their personality on others. How you can avoid these faults? You can get rid from these mistakes only when you know about these mistakes. So, today, I am going to throw light on top 10 fashion mistakes that you usually make about clothes, footwears, hairstyle, make-up etc. Be brave because when you diagnosed your blunder about fashion then you should try to change your habit as soon as possible. So that, you can save yourself from the further embarrassment & humiliation, that you feel in a busy street, crowd, gathering of friends, in party or in office. It’s the time to become confident by examining your fashion mistakes. Let’s starts!

1)    Mostly, ladies wears bracelets in their wrists, necklaces into their neckline, rings, earrings, nose pins, anklets etc. So it is a very bad fashion mistake to wear the entire jewelry piece at the same time. It is advisable to wear at least 3 or 2 pieces of jewelry. Wear less & look graceful. Choose every piece of jewelry very carefully.
2)    When it comes to make-up then after apply lipstick don’t forget to clear extra lipstick for your teeth because it looks very gauche & shameful when you speak or smile. After applying lipstick, take a piece of tissue paper, keep it between your upper & lower lip. Press gently you both lips. In this extra lipsticks can be extracted.
3)    Mostly ladies feel pleasure in order to showing name of brands. It’s a big fashion mistake. Don’t try to show the name of brand. The brand tags are usually used on various accessories. So wear these accessories after removing these tags with your own style.
4)    When a lady with big breast wear a closed neckline dress then she is actually making a fashion mistake. It is observed that closed neckline makes your breast to look bigger. So ladies with big size breast should avoid close necklines.
5)    Don’t show you body too much because it looks vulgar. Now it is consider an error in fashion. Don’t show off. Prefer only proper & suitable outfits that are designed by keeping the rule of simplicity into the mind.
6)    A big fashion mistake that is usually made by the girls is the usage of those clothes that not properly fit to them. These clothes make you to look worse, so choose an outfit that goes best with you figure shape & size.
7)    Don’t choose those socks in winter season that not perfectly match with you outfit.
8)    If you shoulder straps are smaller it means you shoulder looks bigger so ladies with big shoulder should avoid short strap dresses.
9)    It is general opinions that taller girl should avoid high heels & prefer flats but sometimes they wear flats shoes with such outfits that usually require high heel so don’t do this. Be confident & war high heel if your outfit requires it.
10)    Don’t underestimate the power of colors. Some people think that black is only for funerals & grief. Furthermore, they never like wear black on weddings; it’s not true black color looks nice when you wear it on evening wedding party.

Hopefully, you like this article. Now you will be able to control your fashion mistakes that you usually made. You can check out the picture gallery for check out these fashion mistakes & their horrible outcomes plus some pictures with solution.

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Fashion Mistakes That Girls Never Make

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Fashion Mistakes That Girls Never Make (4)

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