Jerome C. Rousseau Resort 2014 Collection

| August 1, 2013

The foot wear is very important for all occasion and party and even for the casual wear too. Alternative collection of the Jerome C. Rousseau is the very trendy and stylish. The limited addition of sandals and high heel shoes are design beautifully. He designs for the film industry and the Hollywood actress. His design high heel shoes are the made with the new style and the attractive look with its innovative prints. The flower and animal print is on the top of the shoes and the leather stuff is utilize to make it complete. The light and bright color us in this collection. The different color and design of these sandals are seemed outstanding and the good to match with the dresses color. The sequence work and the net on the flower cutting is the new style of sandals. These sandals are also like the bride to wear it on the wedding day with their awesome dress. The leather straps and the buckles are attach on it look stunning to wear it on party. The zips and the buckles are use to make the perfect sandals.

Designer: Jerome C. Rousseau
Topic: Jerome C. Rousseau resort 2014 collection
Color: light and bright
Design: high heel
Material: leather, straps and zips
Perfect for: party and formal wear.

2014 Flower print girls Jerome Rousseau Resort Shoes

2014 Jerome C Resort silver glittery shoes

Animal print Jerome C. Rousseau Resort Shoes 2014

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