Hand Accessories For Brides Of Mehndi Ceremony

| April 26, 2017

Mehndi is one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies in Asian countries and especially in Pakistan and India it is celebrated with great excitement. Mehndi function is arranged a day before the wedding day usually at night time and the entire ceremony is fun filled event with family members and close friends. Mehndi ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual represents the bond of matrimony and therefore a shagun. It signifies the love and affection between the couple and their families also.

Like the wedding day, the bride is very excited and conscious her dress for the mehndi ceremony and embellishments. A night before the wedding day and on the mehndi ceremony the close friends of the bride apply the striking designs of mehndi on the hands and feet of the bride.

Some popular beliefs are associated with the color of mehndi; the dark color of mehndi represents the deep love between the would-be couple and some people say that the color it shows the love and understanding between bride and her mother-in-law. Mehndi is also deemed to be a symbolic representation of fertility.

Mehndi ceremony is a colorful, musical and lively celebration so girls like to wear colorful dresses on this event and the dress of bride is also designed in different colors. Along with the application of mehndi her hands are filled with colorful bangles and fresh floral bracelets.

Some brides like to wear heavy designs of mehndi while others go with simple designs as you can see in the picture, mehndi is applied on the back side of hand in simple circle design surrounded by tiny dots and the bride wore a fresh floral bracelet along with colorful bangles looking so nice.

The striking design of the mehndi is same on both hands; square shape long nails are painted with red nail paint. With an oversize ring, pink and golden bangles and yellow flowers bracelet or gajra bangle, the bride posing for photograph is looking beautiful.

Colorful bangles of glass which we call resham bangles are worn in four beautiful colors, blue, green, orange and shocking pink color match with the mehndi bride’s dress, simple mehndi design and even without nail paint hands are looking beautiful. All mehndi brides love to adorn their hands with mehndi designs, glass bangles, gold bangles, gajra bangles, metal and pearl bangles.

Usually mehndi brides like to wear fresh flower jewelry and gajra bracelet around their waist along with glass bangles.  They use different colors glass bangles with their dress for mehndi function that is usually designed in yellow and green color.

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