Different Dresses Which are Good for Your Wedding

| August 8, 2016

The wedding day is the day of pleasure and happiness because at that two people are going to  connect in a relationship that will be remain going  on for their whole life the girls are the main part of the wedding they are  considered the  butterflies because the dresses of the girls are very  colorful which spread the color everywhere  in the wedding .the  girls are very excited for the  wedding ceremony because they have to carry different dresses  different functions make them happy  so the girls who are very lazy and don’t want to go in the wedding  because they  want to get rid of the difficult dressing  that in which I should stitch and how much time will be send on it so if you are not too much active then you should do something  formal with your simple dress to make your  dress fancy and elegant  a if you are interested then stat with us and see the dresses of that  girls who  are very sole  that want to  spend their life bore and fatigue  here I have some  dresses that are  simple but good and elegant .

Shalwar kameez:

1. 5 wedding outfits for every lazy girl

Blue color dress is very simple  and it is in new  style  on the wedding mostly chiffon ,georgette ,silk and the  organza dresses are carried by the ladies but some like to carry simple and elegant dresses  because in this summer  season  no one can carry the heavy embellished dress  so you can carry  the long shirt collared neckline  embellished with the button and the lace embellished Capri  is increasing your  dress beauty with it you can carry colorful you can carry it in any sangeet function ,dholak and the  Upton.

Gown for the wedding:

2. 5 wedding outfits for every lazy girl

On the wedding you can carry different dresses in unique style blue color long gown is very simple but if you are so lazy then you can carry the gown embellished with the fancy work golden color net top is giving your simple dress a fancy look and with it golden jhummky and the pendent necklace is a decent choice for going into your wedding. Carry the high heel golden sandal and leave your hair open with the green chiffon duppata is well for your good personality.

Simple dresses:

3. 5 wedding outfits for every lazy girl

Now a days the trend of anarkali is presented in the bazaar because they want to give the new and trendy look  to your  personality  so Anarkali is a traditional dress but when we carry  anarkali   gown then we see the touch of Western and eastern both dresses  because gown is the basically the dress  of western  and Anarkali  is the  Indian traditional dress . many girls carry Anarkali dresses  in their formal and casual life  so if you have an Anarkali frock then carry  it with the fancy  accessories and attend the wedding  black simple dress  is good  with your mother fancy and fully embellished  duppata that look complete and  easy to carry for you. If you have a simple white color dress then you can carry any color contrast duppata with it because white is also good for the mehendi function if your dress is simple then carry the fancy duppata.

Jacket combination:

4. 5 wedding outfits for every lazy girl

The lazy girl don’t carry such dresses which need too much time on pressing and carrying and then   put out is if you are lazy girl then you can carry simple dresses with little  fanciness  simple casual frock which is only printed  the net fabric is used on the hemline and the sleeves  it is made of silk only self printed  with it you can carry the fancy  sleeveless jacket for a great look  colorful  thread embellished jacket is looking cool  for the mehendi ceremony you can carry your simple yellow  dress and the  classic  gree n jacket mustard yellow and green is good combo  you can carry silk  dye and dye duppata it look very  beautiful  with these dresses you can carry colorful khussa and leave your hair open .
Cape style:

5 wedding outfits for every lazy girl (1)

In this modern age everything is changing day by day and the  because the  new styles are  introduced by the designers  the lazy girls who  become fed up to carry the new and stylish dresses then they can go with the  simple dress  with the embellishing cape  it is nice choice  and you can  go in the wedding because the  cape is fully fancy and give you a formal look the dress which we carry in the semi formal function then  keep a cape in your wardrobe and carry it with your simple dresses  the ferozi  dress with the white trouser  and the Capri  is very beautiful  then it is great for you  to carry t on the wedding .

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