Wonder-Struck Cinderella Carriages as Centerpiece for Weddings

| January 12, 2017

Marriages with Cinderella theme always please everyone and combining different constituents you can make a dreamy wedding function. If you are going with the theme of Cinderella then you will desire to have everything accordingly. The decoration of the place should show about its theme. What you can do to make the tables look as for the wedding based on Cinderella theme is to place a centerpiece inspired by the story of Cinderella. Not necessarily if the whole theme is on Cinderella story only then you can choose centerpiece designed with the idea of Cinderella story.

But centerpieces with the image of Cinderella tail can be selected in simple wedding function. Cinderella carriage placed in center of table would attract every one and it will worth praising. A very sophisticated and lovely look the whole table will represent with the addition of centerpiece crafted by taken inspiration from Cinderella. Different Cinderella carriages as centerpiece for wedding function are shown below;

Golden cinderella carriage as centerpiece:

1. cinderella carriage wedding centerpieces ideas (1)

A very regal looking centerpiece in golden color is before us and from its look it is giving off very aristocratic look. It is embellished with furs on its top having a golden fur between the white. The centerpiece is showing an interesting image in which the prince is standing outside to take the hands of Cinderella who is inside the carriage. In the wedding groom is also there to take away the bride so the idea of placing such centerpiece in wedding is looking perfect for a lovely couple.

Cinderella buggy full of flowers:

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For the selection of right centerpiece must take care about the surrounding atmosphere that should go perfect with the design and style of centerpiece. Here the buggy of Cinderella is full of white and pink flowers.  Draw such table-cloth that could complement the image and style of centerpiece. This globe shape buggy full of flowers will add to the beauty of table. The whole marriage place will exude regal look decorated with such kind of decoration pieces.

Cinderella carriage with candle stand:

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To create a romantic atmosphere all around the hall what else idea could be better than to have candle light atmosphere. This will illumine the surrounding making the moods of people bright. In a Cinderella carriage inspired centerpiece candles will give outstanding look and you can place small size candle stands all around the centerpiece. Provide an opportunity to your guests having dinner in such atmosphere that is looking truly aristocratic and have a memorable event.

Frosty carriage as centerpiece:

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From the very look of centerpiece it is visible that is Cinderella carriage that is full of frost. Flowers in the carriage are in light color and complementing the carriage a lot. This centerpiece is best for winter wedding function and with blue color light the whole atmosphere is looking adorable. The very first impression of the decoration will make your guests wonder-struck.

A simple-looking carriage with flowers and frost:

5. cinderella carriage wedding centerpieces ideas (5)

This simple yet statement-making centerpiece is another option for you to have them in wedding function for bringing a classy change in the atmosphere. Lightening on the carriage is giving the effect as it is carriage in frosty winter season and also it is to illumine the surrounding. Purple color flowers on white table cloth are looking very commendable. For daytime function this centerpiece is very suitable to have fresh and glowing look.

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