Amazing Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas And Inspirations

| November 6, 2017

Every person has its own culture as well as cultural activities. Actually I have been writing on western wedding style for couple of years which involves western wedding decoration ideas, themed wedding ideas, wedding accessory, wedding dresses, wedding arrangements and a lot more things.

Western wedding is all about grace and pleasure, peace and beauty. While there are some sort of wedding traditions which are completely different from western style wedding like Indian wedding.

In western and Indian wedding, only one thing is in common and that is two people are going to share out there life for lifetime basis. If you have been here before then you have seen various posts regarding western wedding trends and idea. This time I am going to discuss about Indian wedding decoration ideas and themes.

Indian wedding is all about colors, loud traditional music, dholki, mehndi, colorful dressing, makeup and other sweet traditions as well. if you have never attended any of Indian wedding,

I will advise you to do so at least once in your life. You will enjoy yourself for sure. Indian wedding is based upon Sangeet function along with mehndi at which bride is wearing yellow and green themed dresses. Stage and hall decoration is also based upon yellow themed decoration ideas.

At wedding day, one have to arrange mundap where they can fulfill their rituals. Now let’s start out our post with help of image so that you can see real colors of Indian wedding and also get some Indian themed wedding decoration ideas if you want too. Just take a look.


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