Traditional South African Wedding Cake Designs

| April 5, 2016

Is this your wedding month and you are busy in shopping and just shopping but do not find time to choose the wedding cake that is must-have for reception, and if you are an African couple then reach at right place where I am going to display the South African wedding cake designs. Well historically we do not find this tradition in the South African culture but with the passage of time, the modern age assumes this custom a part of their wedding. As there would be a name for reception there must be mention the cake cutting ceremony. South African culture is very old that is why their wedding cake designs has the specific symbols containing the African significance.
With the increasing importance of wedding cakes or the different design cakes, now many companies are working to make the personalized cakes using different 3d techniques. For example picture merging and creating different shapes is exquisite work for which special type of dough or fondant is used.
Wedding day is definitely the special day for a couple and when different traditions or customs are revised in a wedding, this time becomes a beautiful memory as the cake cutting reception ceremony is.
The South African wedding cakes are not only for African couples but I am inviting all the upcoming couples who wanna having the South African theme based wedding. Go downward to find your desired South African cake designs or ideas to get for your wedding as the wedding season is in the air.

Traditional African mud pot cake:

1. South african wedding cakes ideas

This pot is traditionally valued by Africans and these pot cakes are looking beautiful with having flowers and other essential items. You may take this one gorgeous cake to your wedding day and have great time.

Tree design wedding cake:

2. South african wedding cakes ideas

The awesome cake has been designed with the South African theme based design cake with the tree and a giraffe upon it. Amazing cake with a lot of storey would be yummy for couple and also for the guests.

Traditional cake with bride and groom design:

3. South african wedding cakes ideas

Nowadays there is a wondrous development in making 3d design cakes that’s why now people prefer to order the theme based cakes like this cake has bridal and groom design which is looking fantabulous.

African wedding cake idea:

4. South african wedding cakes ideas

The clay pot has the utmost significance in the South African culture that’s why you will find this pot into wedding cake too, for the divine elements.

Elephant design wedding cake:

5. South african wedding cakes ideas

In South African culture there is still tribal importance and in which elephant has the importance like a strong companion. You may display your strong relation by having elephant face on your wedding cake in this regard.

Sophisticate cake for wedding:

6. South african wedding cakes ideas

The beautiful ribbon square wedding cake is as delicious as is looking with intricate black design. This is for those couples who wanna have South African theme wedding.

Beautiful South African wedding cake:

7. South african wedding cakes ideas

Bridal and groom is sitting on the cake with wearing wedding dress and the clay pot on the top is surely significant for the next happy life of couple.

Traditional cake designs:

8. South african wedding cakes ideas

The wedding cake has been designed with their traditional hut type houses and wheat stamp is showing the fertility and happy life of a couple.

Hut design wedding cake:

9. South african wedding cakes ideas

This hut design cake is looking fantastic ahead South African bride and groom is standing. You may take this one to show the complete format of a South African wedding.

Bride and groom picture cake:

10. South african wedding cakes ideas

Nowadays the trend of having picture on cake is in fashion and surely for your wedding this idea will rock the wedding, so opt for your cool picture designed on cake and have a good time with your partner.

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