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| June 6, 2017

Cake cutting ceremony holds great importance in wedding and every person wait impatiently for this time. Not only the taste but its look must be tempting and eye-catching enough to please everyone. The wedding couple should feel pleas for having large and amazing cake on their wedding decorated beautifully.

Large and beautiful cake will fill every one mouth watered and with its look the cake must look especially for wedding. Different ways are there to decor wedding cake and some are shown here:

Cake surrounded by cupcakes:

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This style of decorating the cake making it surrounded by multiple cup cakes is worth to do. This latest fashion of decorating the cake will please everyone heart and bride and groom will also find this way of styling the cake very lovely. One pound cake with pearl embroiled necklace and flower used to adorn the top will give cake outstanding look. The bridal will feel amusing finding this cake especially referring to her. You can go with same looking cup cakes or different looking cupcakes in each layer.

Royal looking cake:

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This large royal looking cake is decorated with pearl embroiled layers, silver patches and silver floral clip with ribbon. On the top of the cake an alphabet referring to the name of bride or groom or two alphabets with both couple names will make the cake enthralling and captivating. With its size, one layer in square and the other in round and with its decoration with pearl layer clip with ribbons and silver designing the cake will look very special for a special wedding.

Have regal and royal looking cake:

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With golden color the cake will give stunning and amazing look. Cream color cake with golden designing on the last floor, golden color cake above, then floral embellished floor and on the first floor golden pearl embellished one pound cake in round shape will make the whole cake look regal and royal. For the topping of the cake you can place golden alphabets to write love and this cake would be a surprise for wedding couple.

Exquisitely beautiful wedding cake:

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This four pound large cake is designed beautifully and it is giving out very sophisticated look. With the help of cream and chocolate sauces the cake is looking classy and awe-inspiring. Red color floral decoration is making the cake lovely and adorable.


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