Ideas of Cake Decoration for Wedding

| March 24, 2016

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Cake is a  compulsory part of  the wedding  then we should select these cake which are very beautiful decorated .In England western cultures are  displaying the cake and cake shows  some one  status  a person who make  which size of cake then he belongs to that status .Cakes are made in so many sizes  it is depending on you how much guests are invited on the functions .Marizpan,fondant, gum paste, butter cream and chocolate are among the  popular ingredients  used .Cutting the cake is an important part of marriage ceremony and many guests are excited to see the cake of weddings .Presenting cakes in wedding is not  very new custom but It is very old tradition  in previous centuries the place of the cake bridal pies  and breads .There are  many symbolism are attached with the wedding cakes rather superstitions are very  much related to the wedding cake and in the color of cake many people of family much against you .Only bride  cut the cake but if the cake is so much bigger then only groom help the bride no one is near to the bride because it is the  thought of superstition if the any one come near the  cake when bride is going to cut the cake then their life become full of sorrows and worries therefore only bride cut the cake and groom  first give the cake piece of his bride to show his fertility  and then  distribute the cake among the guests .

Different decoration of cake:

Wedding cakes are come several types, such as traditional wedding cakes, wedding cakes based on flavors, smaller cakes and bigger cakes, frosted cakes and cupcake style cake. White cakes are very traditional and it is made in different flavors like cream, almond, chocolate, raspberries and so on.

In epic age the rustic cakes   with floral style is very elegant and taste is very gorgeous you can make your favorite flowers on the cake .Many people of epic age they  like the Halloween style cake then they make their cake style according to the Halloween  and these cakes are made in very bold colors like purple ,blue and black touch is most common in that cakes .Fondant can be cut in to design , formed in shapes and tinted .In Halloween cake the use of pumpkin shape is much more and  these dark color save you from  the all evils and   troubles of future life if you make the cake according to the Halloween then    no bad eye can see you because the Halloween cake save you. White color is much like by the people it is made of full cream and cream is liked by everyone so you can make white color for your wedding and cake is very simple and plain but for the decoration of is topping according to the epic style then you can use shimmer and glitter on the cake it give your cake a fancy and attractive look. White, black   and red color is much related to the groom and bride dresses because the black and red color   symbolizes the groom, s dress and the white color symbolize the bride’s dress. If your bride’s has used flowers on her hair then it will create a new look in the reception of your marriage. People like the birds and they want to add the touch of birds in their cakes because they are inspired  from the birds then you can mould your cake  in birds  in bride and groom style with light color it look nice and people will must like this cake. Many layers are made on the cake one layer is remain plain and one is designed with colorful items. You can make many colorful flowers on the cake and name of married couple with chocolate and marshmallows and your cake should be according to the party theme or party theme should be like your dress design.


Cake cutting is an important ceremony and it enhance your honor then you should select such cakes which are liked by every coming guest because in some cultures in wedding people judge your status and when you are going to be order a cake for your wedding reception then first think carefully and   estimate the quantity of cake to the cake chef and then order him that how much size of cake will be apt for my marriage. Selection of color should be according to the season because in the autumn season you should not bold colors but bold colors are for spring.

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