Gold Script Awesome Wedding Cake Topper Designs

| June 8, 2016

0. Love Gold Script Wedding Cake Topper

Well the time has changed and the wedding trends too, now the fashion has made everyone more groomed than ever. What is the most charming thing in the whole wedding phenomena, bride? Décor?, ok! It’s the wedding cake, yumm. After a bridal, wedding cake contains more of attraction for not only the couple but also the guests in wedding. I am sure you’ve got it that I wanna make you stun by showcasing the elite class designs of wedding cake toppers but with a different twist, the love gold script is the gorgeous embellishment and the fun thing for sweet couple. Just add your love by settling the LOVE script on cake differently. However you also must give attention to the cake designs too with having the stylish cake stand on which you have to beautify the wedding cake.
Everyone always need for lover in life and wedding is the time to show the ultimate love feelings. To define the love feeling fantastically, taking this golden color script with love, the reason to go with golden is that this would create extra charm and luxe in cake designing the shimmery hues that delight everyone. Just check out the designs of cakes toppers for wedding and I am sure you will surely like these.

   1. Love Gold Script Wedding Cake Topper

The wedding cake with love golden script and the glittery designing on black and white fondant is looking so miraculous. Take this one for your wedding ant get the fun and romance with glam. The golden love script on wedding cake has the true matching with glitter on cake. Well the cake has been placed on the crystal cake stand but you have rather choice of having the golden cake stand to attain the more luxe effects.

Heart love script wedding cake:

2+ Love Gold Script Wedding Cake Topper 2++ Love Gold Script Wedding Cake Topper

Just the designing craft of white rose and the silver ribbons are enhancing the pure fondant of cake that would also be delicious too. I have also given the design of crystal round cake stand which is perfect to place at the wedding reception.

Beautifully designed love script cake:

3. Love Gold Script Wedding Cake Topper

If you have a grand reception of your wedding then take the delicate crystal cake stand otherwise a simple one will be enough. The golden glittery script of LOVE has made the sky blue color cake more enchanting even you don’t need any candle to light up.

Art Love wedding card:

4. Love Gold Script Wedding Cake Topper

Just love the different style of LOVE script on art wedding cake that you may have in your wedding ceremony to delight the mood and also the taste. You can even have this art wedding cake design in tower style too for wedding.

Rustic wedding cake design:

5. Love Gold Script Wedding Cake Topper

The polka dot enhanced white cake with flower embellishment is creating the charm for a rustic theme wedding. But look at the golden Love script in beautiful writing style that will define the sweet love of couple.

Well for further love script wedding cake design click the option of gallery and find the best designs of cake that are just more than wow.

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