Eye-Catching Wedding Designs With Best Décor Designs

| July 14, 2017

Wedding cake is the most important thing in a wedding; wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple. Wedding cake is usually displayed and served to guests at reception and wedding cake is more of the centerpiece to the wedding.

Cake cutting ceremony is must to do on wedding and people anxiously wait for the moment of cake cutting time. Everybody desire to do something different and unique on wedding for cake you will like to select a cake with captivating look that can attract others.

The design of wedding cake matters a lot so it’s designing should also be fantastic. You can select cake with floral designing, fresh flowers, with imagery shown on cake, place made on cake, cake with pearls or cake décor with beautiful topers.

We have rounded up different eye-catching designs of beautiful and classy cake, stay connected with this post and get idea to make your wedding cake centre of attraction.

This triple-tiered cake is looking awesome with fresh flowers and metallic accents. Each tier is decorated with fresh flowers and the top of the cake is decorated with wired heart shape.

This wedding three tiered cake is looking magnificent especially for brides as it is looking complementary to bridal outfit.  Lace and pearls designing and fresh flowers bouquet is making the cake lovely and attention-grabbing.

In spring, people try to arrange the wedding function on garden that is full of flowers. This large five tiered beautiful white cake décor with cascading flowers of different colors will look lovely on table. Topping of the cake is done with flowers and it is looking very nice and fabulous with its designing and style.

If you want people to get attracted towards cake when it comes before them then select such mesmerizing cake shown in the picture.

This triple-tiered cake is looking fantastic with layers, layers’ designing is making it attractive and this will make people feel excited for it and married couple would love to cut it and to have it on their wedding.

The couple will think it privilege to have such amazing cake on their wedding for them. Major portion of the cake is in chocolate flavor while a dream home is made on the above portions. The cake is looking for a wedding couple who are going to start their new life together with the imagery of home on it.

This cake will amaze the married couple and the guests and this will definitely fill the mouth of people with water with its outstanding look. The cake is also looking delicious and tasty with its look, this cake will temp the people to eat it and you will get thousand of appreciation for arranging such huge cake.

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