Dessert Things On The Wedding Ceremony

| March 6, 2017

Wedding is such a day when everyone  is very happy and want to enjoy a lot because on this day not two people rather two families are going to connect in a relationship it is special day for the groom and bride .

In the wedding the center of attention is bride and then decoration  where the  photo shoot of the groom and bride and their families after these both things the menu of the  wedding is much noticed by the guest because if the guest  has not fully  enjoyed  the wedding then you don’t feel good .

In the wedding dessert are must because it make your wedding ceremony delicious and memorable and the role of dessert is very much in the wedding as just like cake, sweets, chocolate and many other things  because on the wedding when we eat the spicy and the crispy  foods then we want to eat something sweet  so if your wedding  is here and you want to keep the delicious dessert in the wedding ceremony then  stay with us and see the different things.

Cake with lollipops:

1. Wedding dessert ideas

In the wedding cake is compulsory because after the ring ceremony  the cake is divided among the all guests  so the cake is also made in the different stylish ways  chocolate cake, cream cake, butter cake , pine apple cake and many other  take the wooden frame and  on the upper slab  keep the cake and under the cake keep the colorful lollipops  on the lollipops the chocolate and the cream are used  it is goods for the rustic wedding .

Colorful creamy strawberries:

2. Wedding dessert ideas

In the wedding at the place of cake you can keep the strawberries and the cherries  because it is very sweet and delicious  cake cutting and then serving it is very tough so in the dispodsibal plates keepthe strawberries in the different  flavor  on the strawberries you can use the  blue berry juice with cream and on one only cream and on the other chocolates and the bunties  it is in the different style it look so nice and tasty in eating.

Creamy wafers:

3. Wedding dessert ideas

In the wedding the kids are also  present so you can keep the chocolate wafers  in the bowl or a sweet mug  take some long biscuit chocolate sticks and dip it in the cream sauce  and when it become dry then keep it in the dish or a bowl  on it you can use the crackers  for the bubbling it is very tasty and give you sweet taste  in the same  style you can make the cakes  for the wedding  dessert it is very easy but look nice when you keep it at the every table of the wedding hall .

Chocolate and strawberry smoothies:

4. Wedding dessert ideas

on the wedding when we eat the lunch and different spicy food then in the last something is  included for drinking then coffee , tea and the juices and the beverages are good  take the chocolate  long piece and cut it in the cubes and add some cream in the chocolate and  strawberries  pieces on the cream and mix it is very tasty ice cream like smoothies and on the mixture of this  thing add some almond and pistachio for the delicious taste.

Colorful donuts:

5. Wedding dessert ideas

Donuts are very soft and the tasty when you eat it in the different flavor you really enjoy it  take the same size donuts and  pour different color sauce on it as just like that  purple, blue , orange , green , pink,  red , brown orange all the  flavors juices can be  used on the donut  with the different sauces you can use the fruits as just like pomegranate , strawberry, cherries, blueberries ,oranges and the pistachio for the decoration of the donuts  take the different colors and pour it on the donuts it is looking so nice in the dish  all the guest can select the flavor according to their choice.

Sweets and cup cakes:

6. Wedding dessert ideas

In the wedding the trend of dessert can’t be finished because it is keep for doing your mouth sweet because these are very delicious and sweet make the different sweets with the coconut, egg and the wheat make it  in the square shape and  decorate it with the crushed coconut and the pistachio  powder it is very yummy sweets.  At the side of the  tables you can make the dessert  stall on it keep the cup cakes, donuts, chocolate fountain , marshmallows , smoothies , chocolate pieces  and colorful jellies  keep it in the stylish dishes and enjoy a lot  with these delicious desserts.




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