Best Topping Ideas To Make Wedding Cake Attractive And Lovable

| April 25, 2017

On weddings cake is must to cut and this tradition is important part of an auspicious occasion. You must try to make this cake cutting ceremony lovely, different and unique. What can make your wedding cake unique and different? Decoration is very important in this regards and with amazing topping of cake you can make your wedding cake attractive and praise-worthy.

On large size cake beautiful and attractive topping will compliment your cake. With amazing designing your cake will show itself that it is especially for wedding and special for a lovely couple. Some designs to décor your cake are here to give you ideas for the decoration of your wedding cake:

White cake with lovely topping:

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This way of topping is looking wonder-struck and it is really lovable. On large cake girl is standing on top holding bouquet in hand and one male person is climbing to reach to her. This image is looking very lovely and especially for lovely couple this decoration is amazing. It seems that the male person has décor the cake with flowers for the girl above. For love marriage this lovely cake is perfect to cut with its lovely theme and imagery.

Topping of cake with photo frame:

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This way of topping will win the hearts of people. Everyone will like this idea and couple will feel very happy looking at the photo frame on the top of the cake. All decor with flowers a photo frame in the center will make the cake look fabulous.

Cake topping with wooded crafting design:

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This style of topping will give different but nice look to your cake. Wooden crafting design on top of the cake is looking very chic and beautiful. Heart shape designing on wood is making the cake adorable and lovable. Written names of the couple on wood with timing of the wedding will make your cake eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Topping of cake with boat designing:

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Boat on the top of the cake will change the whole dimension of the cake. As the couple is going o travel on new verge of life so this is very symbolic and it is very according the occasion. This cake will look very nice for rustic wedding or If the wedding is going to happen on beach or seaside.

Wedding cake with golden stand:

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A stand with beautiful and lovely words on it with the help of wood will give amazing look to your cake. White color cake with flowers and a stand having golden designing with golden words will give amazing look to the cake.
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