White Saree with Heavy Jewelry for Tamil Bride Wedding

| April 11, 2016

Well I always showcase you the bridal auras of different traditional style, like this time I have inspired by the South Asian bride of India, the beautiful Tamil bride mostly oriented with the silk Sarees and heavy jewelry. There is no restriction for a Tamil bride to wear specific colors but I find it fantastic to have the white saree of Tamil bridal in which she looks miraculous. I have enjoyed a lot reading the traditions of this Indian traditional wedding, in which some certain duration or time period has been fixed to not held the wedding that is 15th July-15 August, 15 September-15 October,  15 December-15January. The wedding is arranged after taking the horoscope of bride and groom into account. Some other rituals like throwing the specific types of grains into nearly pond, which is assumed to bless the couple if the fishes or other creatures will eat this.
Besides a big list of rituals or traditions of Tamil weddings, surely it’s important to keep up the look of bride for wedding day that is why you may check out my collection of white Sarees if you are going with white on your wedding day. I have given you option to keep the saree all white or to add the colors with sprucing borders.
Another unique thing about a Tamil bride is that she always possesses with heavy jewelry items like Matha Patti, head jewels, big size necklaces, arm jewelry, nose pin, bracelets or bangles, earrings and waist line jewelry. You can say that the big day of Tamil bride is completely made gorgeous by the beautification of splendid accessories that enhance her beauty terrifically. Let we all go to present the awesome appearances of Tamil bride in white saree and classy jewelry to make all the brides inspire.

Tamil bride in white saree:

1. Tamil bride Wedding White saree with heavy jewelry

I just love all the jewels that this bride has beautified with white saree, and also the floral ornamentation on head that is making the Tamil bride style just a wow thing. You may opt for this saree having gold border and the red blouse.

White and all white with gold jewelry:

2. Tamil bride Wedding White saree with heavy jewelry

When you pair golden heavy jewelry on white dress, it looks miraculous and I am giving the idea to Tamil brides, get this white saree with a little embroidery touch and flaunt your all traditional moves wonderfully.

Simple white saree with traditional jewelry:

3. Tamil bride Wedding White saree with heavy jewelry

The traditional jewelry designs are mostly liked by Tamil brides so this one is especially presented here to give inspiration to Tamil brides, make your simple saree look fanciful by pairing the jewelry or hairstyle.

Silk white saree with pink touch:

4. Tamil bride Wedding White saree with heavy jewelry

Pink looks pretty but when you add its charm into the white beautiful silk saree of Tamil bride, it becomes tremendous. Try to use the less beautification of mehandi art on your arms as it would make your style over done.

Sleeveless white saree:

5. Tamil bride Wedding White saree with heavy jewelry

If you want to be the modern Tamil bride then this choice is for you, by wearing golden sleeveless blouse and draping the white saree but just observe the jewelry style which is matchless to make any saree of bride gorgeous.

White saree and brown blouse:

6. Tamil bride Wedding White saree with heavy jewelry

Well if you don’t want to have all white in saree then add the color into your blouse not in the flares of saree. Wear high heel shoes and the classic design jewelry but mostly long embellished braid or embellished up do is the first priority of any Tamil bride.

Beautiful saree for Tamil brides:

7. Tamil bride Wedding White saree with heavy jewelry

Another option of color is the orange shade matched with white saree, just keep the borders of blouse colorful and let the rest of saree white. You may get the pearl jewelry too in space of golden or traditional style jewelry but whatever you wanna pair with your bridal aura, handle it confidently that matters a lot.


Because the jewelry of a Tamil bride is heavier than her dress, so try to have the natural light makeover that will make the bride exemplary.

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