New Designs & Shapes of Tiaras for Princess

| October 13, 2014

Fashion of Tiaras:

Today, even in this age of fashion, there are still some people who think that tiaras were used only in the past but they are actually thinking wrong because now day this accessory is quite in fashion. Mostly girls like to wear a tiara on parties as well as on their wedding day for the purpose of achieving a princess like look.  If you also want to move with the latest trends of fashion then hurry up & be ready for exploring this total new collection of tiaras with me. Let’s start!

Floral Design Tiara:

1 modern princess tiara

This is a floral design tiara. Five petal flowers are created. The three petals of the central flower are embellished with little size crystals while the two remaining petals of this flower are adorned with rhinestones.  Similarly the four petals of the right & left flowers are adorned with crystals while the remaining one one petal of each is embellished with rhinestone (petal shape rhinestones). Along with bridals, the girls who want to attend a party can also wear it.

Heart Design Tiara:

2 amazing princess tiara

Take a look at this heart design tiara. It is also embellishedwi9th crystals. High quality crystals are used in it. The design is looking very pretty. It can be used in beauty contests also. It will add some beauty into your typical updo hairstyle.

Traditional Crown Design Tiara:

3 beautiful princess tiara new shapes and designes

Do you like to wear traditional crown style tiara on your wedding day with you white wedding gown? If yes then check out this picture because it is looking really very charming & customary. You can also use it with a wedding veil. Sterling silver, gold & silver can be used for making tiaras. You can choose the type of metal that is affordable for you.

Rhinestones Embellished Tiara:

4 princess tiara new shapes and designes

Have a look at this leaf design tiara it is decorated by using rhinestones as well as little size crystals. The design is really very easy. Just watch the picture & order your family jeweler to prepare the same design.

Pearl Tiara:

5 princess tiara designs for girls

Look at another beautifully designed piece of tiara which can be used by bridals as well as by young or teenage girls for attending Christmas parties, birthday parties etc. The main thing which is making this piece very unique is the usage of pearls in its decoration.

Tiara with Comb:

6 princess tiara collection

This is another marvelously & terrifically designed tiara. The most important & interesting feature of this tiara is that a comb is attached at the back. So it also a hair comb along with a tiara. You can use in order to decorate your hairstyle.

Crystal Embellished Tiaras:

Are you noticed into the above pictures that mostly tiaras are adorned by using crystals? Am I right? Yes of course. Crystal is the main item which is mostly used for the purpose of decorating various jewelry pieces. A jewelry piece looks incomplete if a single crystal is not used in it. Each tiara that I include into this collection is actually decorated by using crystals along with rhinestones & pearls so that a bridal can achieve an ideal look. Have a look at some more photos which are shown below into the gallery!

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