Wedding Sashes & Stylish Brooch Designs for Different Uses

| August 8, 2015

Stylish Wedding Belts & Brooches:

Wedding is a function that needs attention, proper planning, selection of right things & proper theme. It is a function is celebrated with great joy & fun. Mostly, bride & groom pay attention towards the best selection of clothes, footwear, jewelry & other accessories. If we only highlight a bride look then the common things that a bride needs to choose are a wedding day gown, a pair of footwear, a clutch, hair jewelry, a sash etc. For getting a perfect look a bride need to choose everything thing with great care.

Let’s wrap up our discussion & have a look at very important accessory that is mostly seen into the wedding function. Yes, I am talking about the Brooch. Brooch is used not only on wedding sash but also on wedding clutch, wedding cakes, wedding shoes, wedding dresses, wedding bouquet etc. Let take a look at the new & fresh design of brooch belts & other brooches that can be used with different wedding accessories.

Belt for Bride:

1 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding (17)

The black color ribbon belt is adorned with crystal, pearls & rhinestone brooch. This sash is looking very impressive & decent. If you want to get a chic look then use this black brooch sash with white satin wedding dress!

Brooch Belt:


Another very soft color ribbon belt adorned with big size brooch is before your eyes! The choice is yours whether you like big size brooches or small brooches.

Rhinestone Brooch Sash:

3 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding (7)

Rhinestone sash brooch is another option for you. It also looks very nice & gorgeous as you can see into the above photo!

Brooch for Wedding Cake:

4 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding

Brooches are also used into the decoration of wedding cake. So, you can choose either same design brooches or different design brooches for every layer of a cake.

Delicate Fabric Flower Brooch for Belt:

5 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding (8)

Brooch never means that you always need crystal, pearl or rhinestone brooches but a fabric flower can also be used as brooch with wedding belt.

Clutch Brooch Design:

6 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding (8)

Brooch also used into the ornamentation of a clutch. It actually enhances the beauty of a simple white clutch.

Brooch for Bridal Dress:

7 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding (17)

When we are talking about different uses of brooches then how we can forget its use as decorative item for wedding dress. Yes, along with belt or sash you can use it at any part of the wedding dress!

Wedding Bouquet Brooch:

8 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding (8)

Add some sparkle & shine into the wedding bouquet by using different designs & sizes of brooches. If you like then you can also go with brooches bouquet.

Brooch for Wedding Shoe:

9 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding (8)

When brooches are used into the decoration of every accessory then how it is possible for us to forget to use it into the shoe embellishment. Yes you can also use brooch into the wedding show decoration.

Hair Brooch:

10 stylish Sash and Brooch for wedding

Add some glitzy Rhinestone, pearls or crystal into your hairstyle by using hair brooch! Believe me it will give you superb bright look!

Sashes & Brooches

Hopefully, you like the designs of sashes & brooches which are shown above. After reading this article now you will be able to use a brooch into the decoration of different items especially its use from wedding function point of view is really very crucial!

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