Colorful Stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt

| May 24, 2016

Ideas to wear colorful sash on wedding

0. colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt

A sash is a  large and usually  colorful ribbon or band which you use  around your body draping  from one shoulder  to the opposing   hip or  running  around the waist  the sash   around the waist may be worn for the  daily attire but  when you wear the sash shoulder to hip then it must be any ceremony  and occasion .ceremonial sashes  are also found in v shape ,draping from both shoulders  to the stomach  look like a necklace which is very large. The sash is use in the  wedding dresses for enhancing the  formal  dress beauty. Mostly people use the   sash to give a great look to their simple dress and with the sash they make their dress enchanting. Here I have  some sashes  which can give you a nice look   it is very stylish and made to inspire by the  peacock quill because the quill of the peacock are very colorful and shining s when you use it on your simple dresses it look outstanding so here I have some dresses which  look nice with the peacock sash.

0+ colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt


1.    On your white gown blue sash with the peacock quill and dotted flower with the Rhine stone   is giving you a fancy touch and you can use multi shaded   head piece on your head.


1. colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt


2.    Chiffon floral with the   motif and the peacock quill is beautiful choice and if you are going with a back less dress then you wear this sash it looks fancy.

2. colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt

3.    Some people are very inspired from the  animal things  like their skin ,their wings and their eyes so the peacock sash is a good idea and the wings  with the ribbon  is  giving your dress a fancy look   for the sash it is not compulsory that you wear gown rather you can carry  any dress with sash.

3. colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt
4.    There are many colors in the peacock  quill  so it is up to you which clor do you select to make a sash  blue  color  ribbon  embellished with the flower and the blue color peacock wings  is making your pleated  dress elegant  with your blue sash you can  use the blue color  jewelry which is made with rhinestone.

4. colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt

5.    Many people want to go with light colors peach and beige colors   with the white color and embellished with the pearl and crystal stone you can carry veil with   this gown and giving you a brown skin touch.



5. colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt

6.    Green color is very beautiful for the white contrast four parted floral   peacock  quill with the  white stone is  god on your wedding dress it is not for wedding you can carry it any other function   your dress whether is so simple but it look formal with  your  fancy belt. When two colorful things are together it creates fully colorful   ideas on our mind with your colorful floral belt and the peacock sash is making your dress decent and elegant.

6. colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt 6+ colorful stylish Peacock Wedding Sash Belt

Bonus tips:

wedding dress should be colorful and attractive with this dress you can carry different jewelry and   such type of decorative accessory can give you an elegant formal look. But when you are going to select the sash then   select which is suited on your wedding dress.

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