Interesting Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Day Attire

| March 17, 2016


How I can reuse My Wedding Dress after Wedding?

What to Do With Your Dress After the Wedding (1) What to Do With Your Dress After the Wedding (2)
Wedding is a very important day & every girl ant to make this day memorable by wearing something very special & unique. Her wedding is one of the most expensive & most beautiful attire. She spends lot of money for buying a unique dress, so how it is possible for her to throw it into the store room. Of course she needs such ideas that can help her to rewear this dress on different parties & events. Here, on this page, today’s topic is all about how you can reuse your wedding dress. Whether you belong from east or west it never matters because on this page I am going to share ideas for both directions.

Wedding Dress Reuse Ideas for Eastern Brides:

•    The first idea is of course you can store this dress for your daughter’s wedding day. If you think it is very expensive & you never want to cut it then saving it for your daughter ort daughter-in-law is best option.
•    The second thing is you can reshape your dress. I mean cut it a little bit & give it a new look or a new style. The cutting of a dress or styling actually depends on its previous look/style. You can consult from tailors & designers.
•    The third option is you can use one piece of your dress with another piece of other dress.
•    Wedding Day Long Shirt Reuse: For example, if you wear lehenga with long shirt on your wedding day then try to wear only its long shirt with matching churidar pajama & carry a simple duppata with it. Then you wedding day heavy dress will simply look very decent & perfect for party & evening wear.
•    Anarkali Frock Reuse: If you wear Anarkali frock with lehenga on your wedding day. Then of course you can wear frock with churidar pajama & another dress can also be created by pairing lehenga with a simple long shirt for mehendi or wedding functions of your friends, cousins & siblings.
•    Lehenga Reuse: The wedding day heavy embroidered lehenga can also be converted into frock by using a simple or fancy fabric for making a body part on the top of lehenga. Use half sleeves or long sleeves with it or you can keep it sleeveless. The choice is yours. The lehenga can also be converted into sharara or trouser by cutting it skillfully.
•    Duppata Reuse: with duppata you can make a shirt or gown. Mostly the embroidery is done on the borders of duppata so I think you can make a front open style shirt or gown from this duppata. Pair a churidar pajama or Capri pajama with it.
•    Reuse of A-line Shirt:  Some brides like to wear A-line shirts on their wedding day with lehenga, so I think this a-line shirt can be converted into simple long shirt & you can pair it with palazzo or churidar pajama or capri oho now days capri are in fashion so you can think about pairing it with capri pajamas as well.
•    The color scheme of wedding day dress can help you to create some colorful party wear outfits. For example if you wear a green lehenga with red choli & orange duppata (all are embellished with golden embroidery) then of course a green frock can be created by using lehenga & you can pair golden fabric with this frock for creating sleeves, bodice part & pajama. By using orange duppata you can create gown style shirt & with orange duppata you can contrast multi color banarsi stuff pajama. With red shirt you can think about beige color combination (beige also supports the golden).
•    So, be creative, think a little & reuse your wedding day attire.

Wedding Dress Reuse Ideas for Western Brides:

•    The first rule is same as I described into the above point. The first idea is of course you can store this dress for your daughter’s wedding day. If you think it is very expensive & you never want to cut it then saving it for your daughter ort daughter-in-law is best option.
•    Rewear Dress on Anniversary Parties: If you never want to cut your dress then you can wear it on anniversary parties of your friends & cousins. It best to support the main theme of these parties.
•    Mermaid Gown Reuse: If you wear a mermaid gown on your wedding day then you can cut it & create a thigh length tube dress from this dress because mermaid dress have body hugging style from the top but it becomes flare from the bottom. So, tube dress can be easily made from mermaid gown. Then you can use this tube dress on parties & evening events.
•    Ball Gown Reuse: Convert you long ball gown wedding day dress into a ballerina dress by cutting its hemline to your knees. Now you can wear it on parties easily.
•    Once again wear your dress make some romantic photos. Go on beach & ocean. Capture loving moment like a newlywed couple. Hopefully, you feel very pleasure & enjoyment with your life partner.
•    Similarly, you can think about reusing other styles of gowns.
•    You can also make a Halloween gown from it by cutting it drastically. Add dramatic colors or spots on it. Think about horror looking gown & create Halloween design.
•    If you Like then you can sell your dress & get money. Now, you can buy a new dress from this money. (Eastern women can also sell their lehengas & frocks if these are in good condition).
•    If you want to feel generous then you can denote your dress. (Eastern women can also follow this point).
•    You can re-cut your all dress & make two or three little dress from one gown for your little daughters. (also perfect point for eastern  wedding dresses)
•    Use the fabric from your gown & make new things such as pillow covers. Western brides usually wear white gowns with less embellishment. Usually lace, cotton, silk, chiffon stuffs are used in to the making of such wedding gowns so these can be easily be used for making pillow covers.

If you are conventional women then you will surely save your wedding day dress. If you are creative women then you will surely recycle your dress either by cutting or styling. If you are a generous lady then of course you will like to denote it & of you are a broker woman then you will sell it. Don’t forget to tell me what you do with your wedding day dress?

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