For your Body Shapes Tips to Look Slim and Graceful in your Wedding Dress

| December 3, 2015

Every bride wants to look her best for the wedding day, Brides of every size and shape are beautiful, but they should also feel comfortable and confident on such a special day. Finding a slimming wedding dress can help make that happen.
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Those brides with the full hips should go for the romantic gown in empire style or strapless A-line gown.
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For those women who look for demonstrating their curves, the mermaid-style gown will be the nice option. Gowns with the Princess gowns will surely work for any body type.
The wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Westminster Abbey, London, Britain - 29 Apr 2011

Undergarments that fit well are key to a sleek silhouette. get a professional bra fitting to be sure you’re wearing the right size. For lower half of your gown is fitted, buy some good body shape wear.
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For some brides, a wedding dress is incomplete without lace, pearls, and sequins. While these details are beautiful, they can also add bulk, especially if they gather near a thick midriff or heavier hips. Keep decorative elements at the neckline.
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The taller you are, the slimmer you look. So, avoid looking plumper than you actually are by maintaining an upright posture by elongating your spine and holding your head high.


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