Turkish Bridal Western Dresses

| October 11, 2014

Turkish bridal dresses

Today, I am going to introduce Turkey bridal dresses that are design with diverse patterns looks stunning and magnificent. In the past time, bridal dresses in Turkey made with rich fabric in the fashion style and adorned with silver and gold threads, sequins and custom embroidery work in bright colors like red, purple, blue or pink while white and red colors are specific for the daughters and sisters of Sultans.

In 1870 when Turkey was under Western influence then pastel colors become fashion for bridals and the first white bridal dress worn by Naime Sultan that was the daughter of Sultan Abdulhamid 11, thus this fashion is popular at the palace and gradually increases in the Turkey society and now this is become hard to find any bridal not dressed in white.
Here, you can see white bridal dresses that are design by fantasy and incredible patterns by using luxury fabric such as satin, silk, brocade, lace net, pure white net, and taffeta in white and ivory colors. Mostly these dresses are shoulder less and floor length. Let see below magnificent and imaginative Turkish bridal dresses.

Fit & flares bridal Turkish dress

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This is fabulous and fantastic Turkish bridal attire that is design by ivory net fabric in fit & flares style that is most prominent and gorgeous bridal dress. This shoulder less attire has swirl pattern upper slim body while back is decked with extremely chic buttons. Lower flare part is extending on the floor that looks dreamy and fascinating.

Layers style A-line wedding dress

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Look at this glorious and impressive Western bridal that has extremely elegance and adorable glance. This shoulder less dress is made with embroidered stunning white base fabric that made more sophisticated with swirl patter upper gown that has triple layers and front handmade flower enhances the magnetism this delightful bridal dress.

Ruffling ivory Western bridal outfit

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In this picture you can see impressive and captivating bridal outfit that design by ivory color in ruffling gown style. Entirely this dress is design by ruffling pattern and more beautify with shoulder flower that looks lovely and alluring.

Pearls neckline taffeta dress for bride

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This is one of the most stunning and gorgeous bridle dress in this collection. Taffeta ball gown this dress has appealing pearls neckline with one sided arm looks magnetism and dreamy. Pearls earring and hair catch are increase the significance and attraction this luxury bridal attire.

White net lace long bridal dress

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This slim and nice bridal dress is design by pure white net lace stuff with lining and looks quite and lovely.

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