Gorgeous Wedding Gowns by Tina Valerdi

| October 10, 2016

Tina Valerdi is famous for her creative art of designing gown in the world of fashion especially for bridles. Her specialty is that she makes the handmade gown and accessories. She uses the best and genuine fabric for designing the dresses with beautiful laces and motifs. It would be a pleasure and prestige for a woman to wear gowns designed by Tina Valerdi. Dressed in those gowns a bridal will look like a princess came from heaven. Wearing these outfits a bridal will look fragile and beautiful.

Color of the gowns;

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These gowns are accessible in white color as it the tradition for women in western countries to wear white color dresses on their weddings. White color symbolizes peace and calmness and according to its symbolic significance it gives very aesthetic look. As the color is not very exotic but the way it is designed with different artful technique makes it beautiful. A very beautiful gown is before us. It is strapless dress and white color ribbon is tied around the waist. The boarder is decorated with broad lace and motifs and the flair floor length hemline is giving the dress an outstanding look. There is not any other color found in the dress but white color is used for the whole designing.

Different styles of the gowns;

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There is a great variety of styles found in these dresses. Although the color is same but different patterns or technique is making the difference. We can have Milana, Daniela, Catalina, Beso, Isabel and Carolina etc in this collection of gowns. All are different from the other in their stitching style. In the picture a Daniela dress is shown. It is beautifully designed outfit with full sleeves and boat neckline. A very intrigue designing work has been done on the whole outfit making it lovely and pretty.

Different styles of neckline;

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Different style of neckline can be seen in the collection of these wedding gowns. There can be seen as spaghetti strap, sweetheart, boat and off shoulder neckline in this collection. Neckline is really making the difference between the dresses. Backless dresses are looking stunning and exclusively hot. We can see off-shoulder dresses looking awesome and very dramatic. In the picture we can see a bride in off-shoulder gown designed with complicated calligraphy. Further sash tied around the waist is a great addition to the whole dress. The complete outfit is accentuating the feminism and increasing the charm of the bride.

Accessories with these gowns;

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You can do different updo and ponytails to give complement to your dress. If a hair band of silver color is placed after making the updo then it will take your charm to the unbelievable level. Beautiful earrings of white color will look very prominent so be careful while selecting jewelry. The earrings should be stylish one and of medium size. You can select small or medium size earrings but large earrings will not look suitable. In the picture a girl is wearing wedding gown Sofia. A long trail dress with boat neckline is making the girl very pretty and gorgeous. She has finished off the look with natural make-up. She is wearing very small sized earrings and by placing tiara on head above her updo she is looking wonderful and magnificent.

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