Glamorous Wedding Gown Collection 2013

| February 20, 2013

Bridal chiffon organza floral embroided gown is a height of beautification in the series of Stylized gowns. Upper bodice is prepared with lace substance and lower portion has elevated the charisma and fascination of gown. Model seems comfortable being dressed in this very gown.

fairy style gowns 2013

It is lovable and stylized bridal couture gown of pure silk off white. Upper part is giving glamorous feature by plating the cloth and fastening it with a subtle brooch. Lower section has free fall crinkle designed material and silky part has widened by embroided borders.

flore touch wedding gown 2013


Bridal is looking gnome in this silver lace wedding gown. From head to toe it she utterly covered. It catches attention because of its loose fitting and extensive style on lower part. It has sophistication devoid of any embellishments.


Soft silk bridal gown is displaying its excellence due to its nice fitting and stylish manifestation. It is of triangular shape with free falling broadening contour. it has deep  V Shaped at rear that is aggrandizing its hottest exterior.

simpl silk 2013 gowns

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