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| March 25, 2016

0. bridal gown in multi colors


Bridals are the main point in the wedding ceremony everyone is excited to see the first look of the brides because their dressing is very colorful and when  the time of  wedding is near   with the groom and  bridal all relatives and friends are so excited and do photo shoot with  the groom and bride. There are many dresses of the brides but everybody wear according to the traditions of their nation .In Muslim culture brides wear lehengas, in Indian pishwas and sari and in western nation tulle and gown are much preferred but these dresses are in so many colors in previous years only white color gown is put on by the bride  but  with the changing of time the trend become change the colorful gowns are in trend  and many brides carry it to  beautify their feminine beauty and make the  day of their evening full of various colors. Every bride  has a wish that on the  day of wedding she look like a princess or a fairy  therefore you should select such dresses which are just like  fantasy land with these dresses the hair style should be like these Barbie and  fairies .So I have  different collection of gowns in many color for you brides.

0+ bridal gown in multi colors

Different types of gowns:

There are many gowns which are inn in the fashion  then you can wear very simple ball gown ruffles style with net stuff  its very simple and give you a princess look with this gown you should leave your hair open.  Sky blue color is very light and elegant and in the summer season it will give you a cool effect then you can wear frill style a-line gown with silver sandal. There are many light colors which can attract you then you can go with yellow pleated floor length gown back less it will give you a vintage look if you will add the flowers crown on your head. When we talk about all different colors then how it can be possible that we forget the black and white then black and white mermaid style gown with lace stuff and cap sleeve is good but if you are going to become a bride’s maid then this dress is best for you. Red color is special color for brides because it is the sign of good omen because red color wear those ladies who are married and when you war red color you look more enchanting and loving then if you have an idea to go with red then you should carry red a line gown with lace stuff it is very good for your wedding day and you should make a top knot with this dress. Some brides like to wear white dress because it is the tradition of their nation and second it is the color of innocenty and  purity so the  bride should wear mermaid style long train with frill embed and hemline is made of  lace stuff it is very elegant and give you a new look . Backless net gown and glittering lining and floral style boarder with fancy ribbon and knot is looking nice and you can make a top bun with matching broaches of your gown. Baby pink color is mostly favorite color of many young girls but if you like pink color then you can wear very simple  net stuff  floor length gown with v neck line it is best for those who like light weight dresses. Beige color is very  elegant and nice color  and it look very fabulous when you wear it on any party and wedding  because it look very nice to our eyes so you can wear  net stuff floor length bridal gown and  double layer and the inside is embellished with lace stuff  and the bodice is embedded with different stones  but at the place of  floor length gown you can wear long train gown in beige color  backless and embellished on the back with  lace and net stuff.



1. bridal gown in multi colors

2. bridal gown in multi colors  3. bridal gown in multi colors 4. bridal gown in multi colors 4+ bridal gown in multi colors 5. bridal gown in multi colors 5+ bridal gown in multi colors 6. bridal gown in multi colors 6+ bridal gown in multi colors 7. bridal gown in multi colors 8. bridal gown in multi colors 9. bridal gown in multi colors 9+ bridal gown in multi colors

Friendly advice:

Brides who are going to purchase the wedding dresses they should keep in their mind the stuff should be authentic and the color suggestion is according to your complexion and with the gown all hairstyles are not good rather you should make different hairstyles   according to the style of your gown and with gown you should carry matching crown but if you use opposite of your dress then you look strange. In many customs there are some specific colors which are good and bad for your happiness it is the concept of superstitions if you also belive these matters then you should leave these colors which are not good for your fate.

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