Urban Beautiful Bouquets for Ladies in Pink and White Color

| April 28, 2016

Flower bouquets contain big importance when you have to present it as gift but when it comes to the ladies bouquets these are somewhat different than normally we think of a bouquet. Mostly western brides keeps a bouquet in hand and the significance of this bouquet is revealed from past that the flower bouquets keep away the evil spirits from newlywed couple but in the modern age this accessory has been considered to add the color or beauty in bridal appearance. Not only the brides but the bride maids too carry this in hands with matching colors to dressing. The binding, color combination and setting of flowers is done according to the choice of a lady. Although the real flowers are used to st a bouquet but nowadays handmade bouquets are considered perfect to make the function worthy all the day long. For urban brides or ladies the bouquets attain great significance but with different color flowers as I have compiled the images of white and pink flower bouquets to make the look cute and fantastic. White color stands for purity and spirituality while pink represents the beauty and elegancy. Well I have tried my best to sort out the designs which may have best binding and embellishments style using different kinds of flowers.

White lily flower elegant bouquet:

1. Urban Elegant pink & white bouquet for ladies (1)

White lily flower symbolizes the chastity, virtue and also the purification. If an urban bride carries this bouquet with regard of this symbolism then she will get pure relation with her soul mate. Besides the fact, the beautification matters for modern bride so this bouquet has settled with green leaves to add the color shades beautifully.

Handmade flower bouquet with pearls:

2. Urban Elegant pink & white bouquet for ladies (2)

The white and pink flower bouquet brings elegancy to the dress of a lady especially the brides but adding the pearl styling in bouquet will enhance the beauty of bride who will carry this beautiful floral accessory in hands. With ivory bridal embellished gowns this will go well but having the pink makeover will create extra luscious effect in bridal appearance.

Mix the pink and white flowers in bouquet:

3. Urban Elegant pink & white bouquet for ladies (3)

Mixing the bright pink and pure white flowers arrangement in bouquets will add the beauty fantastically. you can ask for a florist that if he can arrange the all white with peonies and the border circle line with pink roses, it would create the wow factor in your bouquet. You can also style the wild green leaves to upgrade the size of bouquet.

Baby breath bouquet with lace and burlap binding:

4. Urban Elegant pink & white bouquet for ladies (4)

The terrific expressions of baby breath bouquet with pink rose flowers are much more with the ultimate beauty and elegancy. To beautify the bouquet is not all but the binding also matters as this bouquet has been bind with burlap and lace which is perfect for an urban bride to reveal the wedding hues.

Pink and white sun flower bouquet:

5. Urban Elegant pink & white bouquet for ladies (5)

the pink and white sunflower bouquet is very beautiful for ladies who wanna style their apparel in urban weddings with the bouquet. This can create charm for bride maids but if you approach for white or pink ribbon wrapped around the lower part then it works well to a wedding party.

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