Different Color Poppy Flower Bouquets for Bridals & Bridesmaids

| September 29, 2015

Poppy Flower Wedding Bouquets Ideas:

First of all, I want to discuss the type of “Poppy Flower”. It is actually an herbaceous plant. It is a round shape flower with seeds in capsule shape into the center of flower. Its seeds are rich in oil, calcium, carbohydrates & protein. It comes into different colors. It has milky sap. It usually grows in warm & dry climate areas. Mostly the red color poppies signify for those people who sacrifice their life during wartime. Different types of drugs are also obtained by using poppy flowers. These flowers look very delicate to the eyes.

If we talk it’s usage from wedding point of view then it is obvious to say that this flower is mostly used in wedding bouquets. Yes, a wedding bouquet is a very important accessory for bridal & bridesmaids. I think that a western bride looks incomplete if she never holds a flower bouquet in her hand. Mostly, when a bride choose a wedding bouquet then she keeps her dress color, wedding theme, shoe color or jewelry type in her mind so that she can choose best bouquet.

Today, I bring the poppy flower wedding bouquet ideas for the brides & bridesmaids. If you like this type of flower then I am sure that you will be feeling quite grateful for me on your favorite collection. If you are going to become a bride soon or bridesmaid then in both cases this assortment of pictures can assist you well. Take a look!

Violet Poppy Flower Bouquet:


Red Poppy Flower Bridal Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (1)

White Poppy Flower Wedding Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (2)

Peach Poppy Flower Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (3)

Pink Poppy Flower Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (4)

Plum Poppy Flower Bridesmaids Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (5)

Coral Poppy Flower Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (6)

Yellow Poppy Flower Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (7)

Poppy Pod Wedding Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (8)

Colorful Beach Wedding Bouquet:

poppy Bouquets (9)

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