All-time Favorite Collection Of Wedding Bouquets

| April 15, 2017

On wedding is a very lovely tradition to hold bouquets for brides. This tradition does have a great significance as this signify good luck for the bride for her future life. Also at the end the bride is asked to throw the flower bouquets and whoever caught it would be the next bride.

Holding a flower bouquet in hand bride looks very innocent and lovely and these flowers definitely give complement to her attire. If your marriage s drawing near the do not overlook the importance of the flower bouquet as they will catch the attention of people so the color of flowers must go according your dressing. Some beautiful designs that are going popular for long time and are all time favorite are shown here for you:

Floral bouquet with white flowers:

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White color stand for peace and white color flowers look very amusing and lovely. Brides usually wear white color gown and in net laced fabricated long trail gown you will look ravishing holding these white color flowers. The flowers are packed with green leaves in which the flowers are looking more attractive and captivating.

Baby pink color roses in bouquet:

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Young brides can wear baby pink color gown and then hold these pink color bouquets in hand. Not necessarily if you are wearing baby pink color outfit only then you can opt for these flowers but with white color frocks baby pink color flowers will look very nice and adorable. Bride’s maid can select the outfit for them with the color of the flowers of bouquet and all group of bridesmaid and bridle in center will present loveable look.

Multi-colored floral bouquet:

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If your marriage is going to take place in spring then multi-colored flowers in your hand will look very amusing and charming. This bouquet of colorful flowers is looking very beautiful and wearing grey color outfit you can select this kind of bouquet to add charm to your look. You can make his bouquet in home on your own collecting different colorful flowers and wrapping them together to make bouquet.

Cream and maroon color flowers in bouquet:

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Two kinds of flowers are used here to make this bouquet one is in cream color while the other in maroon color and both are looking very charming together. A few flowers in grey color are also included and over all the bouquet are looking exceptionally beautiful and will beautify the bride more in her white color outfit. Bridesmaid can wear maroon color gowns and they will bring color to atmosphere with their immensely gorgeous look.


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