Red Wedding Shoes 2013

| February 16, 2013

Unique Style Sandal In Red Color:

Unique style sandal in red color made with leather is fabulous. It is embedded with high grade stones, and strap gave a unique look to this sandal. Heel is in normal size which can be wearing in wedding occasion.



Innovative Design Bridal Shoes:

Innovative design shoes provide an elegant look to wearer. Printed design puppy heel and three straps in front of the sandal. White stones are studded on the strap. Because of the heel, it attracts a large number of buyers


Red Color Makes  Sandal More Attractive:

Vibrant red color makes this sandal more attractive. Velvet stuff is used and it carries a buckle on the front. Beauty of this sandal is lies in the high heel which is studded of small crystal stones. This is the casual style shoes which provide utility to the wearer.


Glamorous Design Shoe In The Market:

The most glamorous design shoe in the market. contains a stiletto silver touch. The upper part of the toe is embedded with little white stones. The sandal is covered with velvet stuff. Strap makes this sandal unique because zip is used instead of ankle.


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