Which Style of Blazer Should I Choose on My Wedding Day?

| April 2, 2016

Wedding Blazers Ideas for Grooms:

Welcome on my blog! This day is only for grooms. Yes, today my all attention is for those men who are expected to tie knot into the upcoming weeks & months. Dear, today, I am going to tell you about how you can choose a right & perfect style of blazer for you that can suits best on your personality. Usually it is considered that for groom dressing is not a tough task but I think “it’s a really very tough”. Just putting a suit is not enough but grooms also need to choose tie, pocket square, boots, cuff links, under shirts, collar styles, blazers & every little thing with great care. In west as well as now in eastern countries also, mostly groom try to wear a stylish or traditional pant suit on their wedding day. Three piece suits are becoming smart choice for grooms. Make sure you choose a well fitted pant suit. Ill fitted suit can ruin the impact of your personality.

A groom’s pant suit is usually accentuated by using different things such as ties, pocket squares, boots, cuff links, blazers etc. When it comes to choose a blazer for wedding day then a groom should keep the following points into the mind.

•    When you are buying a blazer then make sure you checked its front side, back side, pockets, under collar, upper sleeves under sleeves etc. Make sure your measurements are right so that you can buy right size.
•    Keep your wedding theme into the mind then choose a blazer. For example your wedding theme main color scheme includes blue color then chooses a blue blazer.
•    A blazer is considered perfectly fit when there is no gap between blazer lapels & shirt collar. If there’s a gap then it means it is ill fitted.
•    Blazers are available into different kinds of stuffs such as silk, velvet, cotton, gabardine etc.

0 different stuff wedding blazers for groom  (1)
•    Keep the seasonal requirements into the mind. In summer season you need to choose cotton stuff (thin stuff) blazer while in winter you can with velvet stuff (opaque stuff).
•    For day time wedding function try to choose light colors while for night time event you can go with brighter options or shimmery silk blazers.
•    The use of tie with blazer is also a very tricky task. Mostly, some groom like to go tieless while some match printed tie with plain blazer & plain tie with printed blazer. The color of tie can be selected either by keeping vest color into the mind or pocket square color into the mind. Try to balance your look by choosing a tie that’s width is equal to your blazer’s lapel width. Ties are also available into silk, tweed, cotton or velvet stuffs. So, choose tie stuff that match with your blazer but choose tie color that match with vest or pocket square color or blazer color. You can also think about bow tie with blazers or cravats.

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•    A blazer comes in different styles of collars. Such as peak collar, standard notch collar, shawl collar, wide peak collar, narrow notch, wide notch collar etc. A ban style blazer also looks decent. Mostly the shawl lapel style is used by groom as you can view below.
•    The color of blazer should match with the color of slacks. It can give you a decent look. But if you like then you can break this rule & you can try some different color blazer with your pant suit. But you still need to choose a mix-match combination that will look stylish not odd.
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•    You can also find blazers in different patterns such as checkered pattern, stripped pattern or polka dots patterns. But keep in mind patterned blazers always gives a very bold & funky look to the groom. So, those grooms who want to get extra modish look on the big day of their life, then they can go with patterned blazers while who need some decent & simple look, they can go with plain blazers. Patterns actually add volume on body. So, those grooms who have plus size then they should avoid patterned blazers but if they like then can go with vertical pattern blazer because it can create a slimming effect.
•    You can get one button closure blazer, two button closure or three button closure. Choose one in which you feel comfortable. If you think that you have a large belly then avoid using three button closure blazers because when you will close buttons then your fat belly will become more prominent. With large belly you need to wear a blazer that has no button closure.
•    The length of blazers also varies. Choose an appropriate length. Wear blazer, now hang your arms down in relaxed position. Now curl your fingers as you are going to grasp a knob, if your blazer’s hemline come into your grasp without bunching then it is of good length but if a bunching will occurs then of course it is long & if it is above from your grasp then it is short. The length of sleeves of blazers should be half or one inch shorter than your suit shirt sleeves so that the shirts sleeves can be visible. But if you like then you can choose same length sleeves also.

Here some most commonly used blazers are shown. Now days, grooms are wearing white pant suit, blue, black or grey. No matter what is season or what is time of wedding, these colors are just perfect for winter as well as for summer, similarly for day time as well as for night time functions. So, keeping this trend into the mind I tried to bring black, white, blue & grey color blazers pictures for you that are shown into the following photo gallery. Take a look!

Black Blazers for Grooms:
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Different Shades of Blue Wedding Blazers Ideas:

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Gray Blazers for Grooms:

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White Wedding Blazers for Grooms:

6 white wedding blazers for groom that suits their personality (3)


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