Various Styles of Turbans for Grooms

| December 22, 2015

As there is a wedding season going and we are providing you the most latest and new variety of wedding turbans for grooms. Have a sight upon our latest collection of turbans for grooms.

Mughal style turban:

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A completely covered with the jeweled strap in front that gives a traditional and sophisticated look to the groom and can be matched with the color of sharwani or the color of the bridal lehanga.

Heritage style turban:

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A heritage turban is basically a combination of Mughal, Rajhistani, Punjabi and Rajpoot Style. There is a fur pin in center of the turban. The wraps of the turban are much similar to that of Rajpooti and Rajhistani style turbans

Punjabi style turban:

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The Punjabi style turban is combination of two colors the subtle cream and the bold maroon. Infect it provides the two sides of groom soft and loving for bride but also bold and courageous.

Rajhistani turban:

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This turban is inspired from the style of Rajhistan and the way Rajhistani prince and Rajas like to dress. The yellow and the red color of the turban are bold and eye catching that gives a prominent look to the groom at wedding. The jeweled pin is used in centre and gives a royal look to the turban.


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