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| March 21, 2016

Wedding is the dream  of everyone whether he is girl or a boy because  both want to make  themselves prominent and marriage is such a day  when people give someone more protocol and respect and on the wedding ceremony everybody wants to show her or his look change because this day is memorable  for you and your whole family .Girls are very excited for their grooming but boys are never behind left   they also remain conscious about their   grooming they want to do something unique and new on their wedding .Many young  boys follow the rules of tradition but many are against to the customs and traditions .Indians are very  traditional and stick to their rules and customs  because every nation has its  own   norms and values .Here I want to tell you the traditional dresses of groom  which is  very important to tell you so traditional boys  on the event of your wedding .I have some collection of   Indian ethnic  wear for grooms.

0. indian ethnic wear for groom

Ethnic dresses for grooms:

There are many dresses  which are made for groom but ethnic   dresses give you a royal look the  good and interesting thing  of ethnic dresses is  that they alive the tradition and never finish the   values.

Sherwani is favorite dress of every groom whether he belong India, Pakistan or any northern areas. Here I want to share some decent and stylish sherwani and groom dresses with you.Bnarsi fabric with zari and salma sitara work    with silk pajama is good for your marriage fully embellished with  zari and fancy work with this dress you can wear khussa and  flat shoes open from back and if you don’t like very bold colors then you can select white color which is very inn .Light embroidery or fully embellished both  can be wore on the wedding ceremony and kulha  look nice with sherwani .Now a day  except of long sherwani short sherwani is also wore then you can wear bnarsi short sherwani with Patiala shalwar and khussa .Today boys like the street style and funky looks  but you can wear funky dresses in the limitation of ethnic style and everybody knows colorful  things are the  choice of funky people  then you can wear different color  traditnal dresses like blue ,red  bold color contrasted  dresses  with different work like salma sitara, sequence work, zari and stones are mostly on the groom dresses. Many celebrities like the simple sherwani which is only work on the center of the shirt and the pajama and hemline is quite simple .On the function of mehendi you can wear short sherwani with dhoti shalwar with different colors then you look very traditional and  nice .With this dress you can  put on  same sherwani  color shoes. When we talk about every color how it can be possible that we leave the black color because it is favorite of many people whether they are girls or boys  in black color dress you look charming and attractive and if the color of your bride dress is red and maroon then you  will look more enchanting with your black sherwani you can put on rajhistani turban of bnarsi fabric .New style in men Indian ethnic  dress is polo pent with short kurta it  gives you a model look and you can put on velvet khussa with this dress it will increase your outward beauty .


Dresses of the wedding ceremonies are very expensive and when wear it on our marriage it become so special for us therefore select the dress which is comfortable and look nice .When you are buying the dress first check the fabric and work that should be good not will be dull in few days and then select the color according to the function time and body complexion .Best wishes for all grooms.

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