Cool Ideas About Men’s Dressing Style For Mehndi Function

| December 15, 2017

Mehndi ceremony is one of the most important pre wedding ceremonies in Asian countries and especially in India and Pakistan. Mehndi ceremony has become an integral part of weddings and a wedding cannot be imagined without Mehndi function. It is traditional yet most exciting and charismatic pre wedding ceremony.

People love to attend this ceremony in traditional style wearing traditional clothes. Girls wear traditional Lehenga choli dresses whereas guys like to go with traditional shalwar kameez and traditional khussa footwear. Let’s take a look at cool ideas about men dressing style for mehndi function.

Groom attire for mehndi:

Mostly brides wear yellow, green and related colors dress on their own Mehndi function but groom has always a question mark in his mind about his dressing for mehndi. These days it has become a hottest fashion trend that bride and groom wear matching clothes.

Keeping this thought in mind here we have brilliant idea for groom’s dressing. Match to the bridal dress color a groom can also pick yellow color in traditional kurta with shalwar style. What do you think about this?

Embroidered kurta with churidar pajama:

Like the women, guys are also in care for making their style statement look. If your best friend’s Mehndi ceremony is here and you must look handsome and dashing take a look at this picture. Consider wearing elegant looking embroidered kurta with churidar pajama and traditional khussa footwear. Your dress will help you to make your look outstanding and dashing in Mehndi function.

White shalwar with kurta:

In this article we have compile selected trendy and traditional style dresses for guys to attend Mehndi ceremony. Mostly guys demand modernity so white shalwar with kurta is a best dressing combination for them. It not only looks traditional but also gives men graceful look to inspire others.


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