Ways To Do Western Make Up on the Wedding

| July 23, 2016

0. Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

Wedding is such a day   which  is the special day of  everyone  because    on this day two people and  some are lovers who are going to connect each other  the brides and the grooms   dreamt in their childhood that   they  will look like prince and princess in their wedding.

The dress of the bride should be different from the others because no one can carry the same dress which    she has seen in the other wedding. The dress and the shoes  should be selected  according to the  likeness of the bride because  she has wear these things on their  special day  after the selection of dresses and the shoes  the  hairstyle and makeup  turns  because without hairstyle and make  up you look incomplete  so when you are free from the selection of dress and the  shoes then  try to select  the hairstyle and the makeup  which should be perfect according to your  personality .

in the western countries mostly brides like to go   simple on their wedding because in your natural  look  you  look  cute and innocent  so if you are  going to  become  a bride  then see the different styles of makeup  and select any one.

In the  western countries there is not much  summer  season and hotness  due to the cold season their  skin remain fresh  and  spots free   so these brides have no need to do extra make up in the eastern   brides the trend of  the makeup is much more  the western people like the natural beauty than the  makeup .

•    First of all use the  foundation according to your complexion and   when you are going to apply it then   this thing keep in your mind it should be adjust in a right way because in the wedding due to the applying of wrong  foundation we see the spots and the   tattered  of the base so  in the day time  use such bases and foundation which are  used with the water.

1. Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

•    In the summer season if you have organized a wedding and you are going to become a bride  then use the  face powder or bronzer  to make a good   base and in the winter oily and the  pan cake  foundation is  best because when you go in the  sunlight your skin  is glowing and you look a shiny bride

2. Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

•    After using the base and foundation  then apply the concealer  and primer on your face

3.Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

•    Now time to use the eye shades on your  eyes  dark brown with the blend of light brown is nice choice  you should apply it on your face if your complexion is white  the over white brides can  go with the light  pink and the dark pink it depends on you

4. Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

•    For the blue color eyes brown color eyeshade is nice choice  because the combination of both  colors are good in the wedding when you wear the white gown  with this makeup you look so beautiful

5. Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

•    Only The white complexions girls are not beautiful rather the tan girls are very attractive and nice  so the girls who have dull color they can  go with the  dark purple and the light blue wet eye makeup and when you do  dark make up over your eye then   not use the  dark lipstick  rather light shiny lip gloss  is  good.

6. Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

•    In the  western brides the colorful eyes are much  find but the colorful eyes and eyes are the  window of your  heart so through your  eyes we are able to  know which type of person you are  the green colors  eyes girls should use the dark chocolate brown color eyeshade on their eyes  and on the edges of the eyes use the  copper and the ash golden is nice choice with it  light color lipstick is  good but it should be  in the matte

7. Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

•    For the western brides  light  pink ,brown, peach and the  red color lipstick are  good  but the  brides who want to look cute and innocent they should apply the   lip gloss   for the   childish look.

8. Western Bridal Makeup Tricks

•    Te western brides should apply the thick mascara and the wide  eyeliner  because with your white dress black combination is   good
•    Shimmery make up is good with the  nude lipsticks but matte  with the matte  combination is good for the western beauty you can select any one  for your wedding but   not apply too much  make up  natural make up is decent and elegant way to groom yourself.

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